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Power calendars and customize scheduling workflows in your app

The Nylas Calendar API is a single point of integration to connect to your users’ calendars and quickly build customizable scheduling workflows in your application.

Connect with every calendar provider - Nylas Calendar API

Streamline scheduling workflows in your application

Go to market faster

Go to market faster

Write once and quickly build integrations with every major calendar provider using a single calendar API.

Application integration

Simplify complex scheduling

Build automated scheduling workflows so your users can optimize their time and resources more efficiency.

Scale with confidence

Scale with confidence

As your business grows, scale performance without worrying about ongoing maintenance and infrastructure costs.

Custom reminders

Reduce no-shows

Provide automated event reminders across email, Slack, and MS Teams.

Scheduled sends

Customize scheduling UI

Quickly build a tailored, front-end scheduler unique to your brand and scheduling needs.

Native & hosted auth

Eliminate siloed data

Capture calendar data in your application and unlock valuable insights to build automated user workflows.

Join leading companies around the globe

The Nylas Calendar API securely integrates your application with every major calendar provider using just a few lines of code. Reduce your time-to-market with intelligent scheduling features that simplify workflows and increase user productivity.

  • Crunchbase
  • HoneyBook
  • Elevatus
  • Revenue
More than 1000+ happy customers
  • Upwork
  • Dialpad
  • LifeMD
  • Wix
Scheduled send

Availability endpoints

Remove the back-and-forth with automated scheduling based on free/busy availability.

Native & hosted auth

Event metadata

Increase calendar visibility by using metadata to tag and filter events.

Custom reminders

Event reminders

Send custom event reminders via email, Slack, and MS Teams.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing

Integrate Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams accounts to auto-generate conference links for every meeting.

Offer customizable schedulers

Virtual calendars

Schedule events for people and resources that aren’t associated with an existing calendar account.

Service accounts

Service accounts

Onboard enterprise organizations instantly with service accounts.

Rooms and resources

Rooms and resources

Add room resources to calendar events so users can schedule with dedicated meeting rooms.

Time zone detection

Time zone detection

Make it easy for attendees to book events based on their time zone.

Our simple three step process

  1. Get a free API key

    Create an account to unlock the full platform for up to 10 accounts – no credit card required.

  2. Build integrations quickly

    With just a few lines of code, you get full CRUD capabilities and bi-directional sync.

  3. Connect all your users

    Whether you’re connecting 100 or 100 million accounts, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

Explore case studies

Jobylon increases ARR 25% by adding native email and calendar functionality to their recruiting software

“The Nylas Email and Calendar integrations helped Jobylon add premium email and calendar functionality, resulting in a 10% increase in new customer acquisition and a 10% increase in ASP.”

– Aref Abedi CEO, Jobylon
ATS, HR & Recruiting
Calendar API, Email API
Upwork Leverages Nylas Scheduler to Enable Users to Hire Twice as Fast and Boosts Customer Satisfaction

“Our primary use case is not scheduling meetings. We have such a complex platform that we can’t implement every solution on our own, so we look for the best solutions in the market. We needed a secure and reliable way to support our millions of users, that’s why we chose Nylas.”

– Maksym Dudnyk Product Manager at Upwork
Marketplace, Professional Services
Calendar API, Scheduler

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