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Only Nylas provides one API for 100% of email, calendar, and contacts

email send

Sales automation

Close more deals faster with automated email workflows for your CRM

email deliverability

Data entry, retention & backup

Sync historic and live email data in your app with 100% accuracy, no copy or pasting or bcc necessary

email analytics

Personalized emails at scale

Create email cadences that are sent from your personal email, not a transactional email address

email deliverability

World-class email deliverability

Send every email with confidence that it will reach your receipient, not the SPAM folder

Email and rep analytics

Empower your sales and marketing teams with analytics like open rate, link click, and reply tracking, as well as individual rep metrics

email analytics

Increase adoption

Increase customer engagement and retention by making your CRM a hub for their most used tool: their email client

Booking & cancellation

Access any synced calendar at anytime to streamline booking and cancellation

Appointment reminders

Send automated push notifications so your clients never miss a meeting

Task scheduling

Schedule tasks, making deadline management a breeze

Productivity analytics

Analyze across-team availability and get productivity analytics

Enriched contacts

Add missing information in contact records

Smart connection graph

Make warmer intros with the help of a connection graph

Fill in data gaps

Compile data from each individuals' mailbox to create a complete and unified data source

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curl https://api.nylas.com/messages/ed0djdf1r8224kkz082t9jn62 -X GET -u vVX4pibJbmbhPEomjX7jiXL2PeVsRQ:

Nylas Cloud API Features

Seamless email, calendar, and contacts integration


One-to-many integration

The Nylas Cloud API is compatible with 100% of email providers, calendars, and contacts books so you only have to integrate once.

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Quick-start SDKs

Get up and running with the Nylas API in just a few minutes.

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Modern, RESTful API

Work with one modern API rather than a handful of outdated, archaic IMAP and SMTP protocols.

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“Nylas allowed us to add support for Office365, Outlook, Exchange, and IMAP email providers in a scalable way.”

Martin Henk

Co-founder and Head of Product at Pipedrive

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