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At Nylas, we’re building the cornerstone to communications behind every major software application in the world through our universal APIs.

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Who We Are

The Nylas APIs make it easy for developers to connect their software applications to 100% of email service providers in just a few lines of code.

Companies like Hyundai, Lever, Velocify, and hundreds more use our APIs to create email and scheduling features their users love.

Award-Winning Team

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Why We Do What We Do

Email is the largest communication network in the world and it’s growing by the billions each year — but integrating the contents of an inbox into software applications is a complicated feat.

We built the Nylas universal APIs to allow developers to connect to every email service provider in the world: Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Yahoo, and the rest. Through our APIs, we make development of new apps possible and enable our mission: to empower the world to communicate with context and insight.

Values That Make New Hires Successful at Nylas

We believe that by embodying our values, we can make our work culture reflect the type of world we want to live in.

Value Growth Over Just Having Answers

We aspire towards humbleness in one’s own abilities, a strong growth-mindset, and an innate desire to pass on knowledge.

Value Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in inclusivity and strive to make our company an aspirational example of a better, more human tech company. We reject racism, sexism, and homophobia. We want people who couldn’t be successful elsewhere because they don’t look or sound like what society expects successful people to look like to work here and to be given the chance they deserve.

Value Ideas Over Hierarchy

Many of us have founded companies and we aren’t here for titles. We expect everyone to be able to share their opinions and advocate for what they believe is best for our users and our team.

Value Collaboration Over Being “Heads-Down”

We are an extremely collaborative team — so this is not a “headphones on and head down” team. Focus is of course important and always in balance; however we have a strong bias towards working together.

Value Solving Today’s Customer Needs Over Implementation Purity

Our customers are developers and product managers, and we’re here to make their lives better. We value practical and simple solutions that immediately solve real customer pain.

Value Entrepreneurial Spirit

We value individuals who feel a sense of pride and ownership in the work that they do.

Bring Your Whole Self to Work

Nylas is a place where you can bring your whole self to work and be accepted for who you are. It’s a place that values growth and learning and puts high value on empowering employees to reach peak performance. And we know it’s healthy to have a life outside of work — so we strive to plan projects in a way that supports healthy work-life balance.

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Nylas Benefits

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