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Seamlessly elevate your real estate platform with Nylas’ streamlined communication, data-driven client management, and automated virtual tour scheduling all in one place.

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Accelerate real estate business cycles

Scheduling tours, coordinating multiple listings, and gathering client data takes agents’ focus away from closing deals and building relationships with potential buyers, sellers, and renters. The Nylas Platform brings productivity to your customers’ pipelines.


Enhanced communication

Streamline agent-client interactions with integrated email and messaging.


Virtual tour scheduling

Automate and manage virtual property tours directly within your platform.


Power automated outreach

Leverage centralized communication data for smarter client management and AI-driven personalization.

Overcome industry challenges and unlock new opportunities with Nylas’ seamless communication and data-driven solutions.

Platform coverage

Provider flexibility



Feature depth

Fragmented communication: Juggle multiple platforms for email, calendar, and contacts.

Provider lock-in: Limited to specific email and calendar services.

Limited customization: Constraints on tailoring platform features.

Scalability concerns: Difficulty adapting to growth or contraction.

Basic features: Lacking advanced capabilities like real-time updates and tracking.

How LionDesk became the #1 real estate CRM by enhancing productivity features with Nylas

“Partnering with Nylas was pretty much love at first sight. We saved 28,242 dev hours and $1.8M, by using Nylas instead of building the integration ourselves. We launched productivity-enhancing communications features to become the #1 Real Estate CRM in 2022.”

Lee Ling Yang

Director of Product at LionDesk

In just 22 days, LionDesk revolutionized its CRM functionalities for real estate professionals by integrating with the Nylas Platform to:

  • Enabled seamless in-app email and calendar functionalities 
  • Simplified integration with multiple email providers, streamlining development
  • Efficiently serves over 165,000 real estate professionals with centralized communication tools
Trusted by over 250,000 developers worldwide
  • LifeMD

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Frequently asked questions

What is real estate API

A Real Estate API is an application programming interface with a set of rules and protocols that allow different software applications to communicate with each other, specifically tailored for the real estate industry. These APIs can provide functionalities like property listings, virtual tour scheduling, valuation models, or CRM capabilities for real estate professionals.

How does Nylas streamline agent-client interactions in real estate?

Nylas offers integrated email and messaging features that make it easy for agents and clients to communicate seamlessly. This centralized communication hub allows for more efficient and organized interactions.

What features does Nylas offer for automated client outreach and management?

Nylas leverages centralized communication data to power automated outreach. This enables smarter client management and offers AI-driven personalization to make your communication more effective.

How can I automate and manage virtual property tours with Nylas?

With Nylas, you can automate and manage virtual property tours directly within your platform. This feature allows for easy scheduling and coordination, making the tour process more streamlined for both agents and clients.