Nylas Guides

Tips, tricks, and advice for how to use cloud communication APIs.

Accelerate AI Feature Launches with Configurable APIs

Learn how the Neural API increases development velocity & unlocks new revenue streams.

Extract Data from Email to Power Intelligent Automation

Unlock high-signal information from emails and attachments to increase product adoption and engagement.

Build Apps that Land Email In the Inbox, Not Spam

Optimize email deliverability and drive revenue with native features that scale.

The 7 Biggest Technical Challenges of Building Scheduling Software

Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of building scheduling software quickly and securely by leveraging APIs.

The Next Generation of Robotic Process Automation Developer Tools

Learn how to build flexibility and scalability into your RPA to meet the communications demands of the market and your users.

The ROI of Building Scheduling Features Into Your App Now

Learn how to build key revenue-generating features that save development time and add product value.

The ROI of Integrating Email Into Your App Now

Learn how to achieve the biggest ROI from email integration.

The API Buyer’s Guide

Everything technical leaders need to know about buying APIs.

Nylas introduces new omnichannel reminders for its Calendar API

Send custom reminders for upcoming events via SMS, Email, Slack, and MS Teams with omnichannel reminders for the Nylas Calendar API.

The CPaaS story

Discover how CPaaS continues to grow as CX digitalization accelerates and enterprise adoption drives market interest.

An Introduction to Productivity Infrastructure

Learn how software developers are using new platforms to build productivity features in their applications.

The Developer’s Guide to IMAP

Learn how to use IMAP sync to send and receive email in your application.

GraphQL vs. REST APIs

Learn how to prepare your codebase to implement GraphQL.

The Ultimate Guide to Integrating with Email, Calendar, and Contacts

Learn how to get the biggest ROI from your email, calendar, and contacts integration.

The Ultimate Gmail API & Google Calendar API Integration Guide

How to add Gmail and Google Calendar API integrations to your application.

The Ultimate Calendar Integration Guide

Best practices and top things you should avoid.

Your Guide to Integrating With Exchange

Quickly integrate EWS, EAS, or Graph API in Platform.

Nylas Platform Security and Privacy

Procedures and policies for keeping your app secure.

Add Advanced Scheduling with Nylas

Learn how Nylas can level-up the scheduling features of your app.

Understanding the Intricacies of the Google Calendar API

Top things you need to know before building an integration.

Microsoft Basic Auth vs. Microsoft OAuth

Learn how to successfully migrate from Microsoft Basic Auth to Microsoft OAuth.

The Complete Guide to the Nylas APIs

All about our email, calendar, and contacts APIs.

2020 Trends for CTOs

A strategic guide for technical leaders on how to build and steer a successful engineering team.

Python 3: Why You Should Upgrade Now, and How

Learn what’s new in Python 3, and why you should upgrade now.

Your Guide to Environment Variables in Python

An introduction to environment variables and how to use them.

How to Implement Python at Scale

Gain efficiency, innovate faster, and deploy easily.

Your 5 Step Guide to SOC 2 Certification

Learn how to get your product certified in one of the most sought after security standards: SOC 2.

How to Design an API for Developer Experience

Things you must do when designing APIs.