Nylas vs Calendly

Save Time and Increase Efficiency with Automatic Scheduling

Boost productivity as you scale with robust scheduling 
features and custom-built integrations, only available 
with Nylas

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Integrate with Ease

Integrations with all email, calendar, and contacts providers come standard to help streamline and automate processes.

Simplicity at Scale

An intuitive API and simple web app for scheduling allow you to customize your dashboard and leverage other Nylas features for an end-to-end experience.

Prioritize Security

Security and compliance are always top-of-mind with secure authentication built into the core of all products, giving your teams peace of mind.

Get More Bang for Your Buck with the Nylas APIs

We give your developers more features than Calendly with greater flexibility and time-to-value.

Calendly API Nylas API
Email API
Calendar API Read-only
Contacts API
Scheduler UI
Real-time scheduling
Smart Invites
Smart Invite Tracking
Edit recurring events
Group events in basic tier
SOC 2 Certified
GDPR Compliant
Data Residency (US, EU, Canada)
Native Auth
HIPAA Compliant
HITECH Compliant
Usability & Customization
Service Accounts
Automatic provider detection
Whitelabeling for all tiers
Customization for basic tier
Detailed insights into webhooks, synced account status
The Nylas Email and Calendar integrations helped Jobylon 
add premium email and calendar functionality, resulting in a 10% increase in new customer acquisition and a 10% increase in ASP.
Aref Abedi, CEO at Jobylon, on partnering with Nylas