Deliver intelligent fintech experiences

Unlock actionable analytics and personalized experiences that increase engagement and retention.

Launch omnichannel communications

Connect with customers across the fintech journey using their comms channel of choice — all inside your platform.

Offer frictionless scheduling solutions

Streamline scheduling workflows to seamlessly coordinate all aspects of the fintech journey.

Powering the world’s top applications
  • Wix
  • Harbor
  • Upwork

Invest in customer experience

Attain real-time insight

Unlock customer insights

Increase personalization, automation, and revenue powered by holistic 1st-party data.

Fuel intelligence

Streamline communications

Introduce omnichannel communication features across email, calendar, SMS, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Make your app smarter

Protect your app & clients

Leverage enterprise-grade security to protect you and your clients’ information.

Experience the Nylas difference

Fuel intelligence
Make your app a financial communication hub

Power bi-directional engagement with the Nylas Email, Calendar, and Contacts APIs natively from your application – making it easier for clients, agents, and advisors to connect with each other.

Automate manual CS processes
Know your clients in and out

Access 1st-party data to understand your clients’ patterns, behaviors and needs to drive efficiency, enhance cybersecurity, and expand capabilities.

Accelerate your product roadmap
Accelerate your product roadmap

Free up your development team so you aren’t sacrificing your roadmap to build omnichannel communication, real-time ETL, and robust scheduling features.

Eliminate no-shows
Eliminate the work that advisors and agents hate

Improve efficiency by automating tasks like performing outreach, scheduling meetings, and entering data into CRMs or other applications.

Drive loyalty
Enhance the customer experience

Launch tailored services and personalized user interactions to enhance the customer experience, increase engagement and generate higher revenue.

Access people insights
Increase retention

Offer features and services that delight your clients and keep them satisfied and engaged.

Focus on the future

Ignite innovation with powerful omnichannel capabilities that enhance personalization and increase engagement while maintaining best-in-class security.




Fintech companies face increased competition and must move with speed to drive innovation.


Leverage 1st-party email data to understand spending patterns and deliver intelligent analytics services.


While regulatory compliance is necessary, it can slow down market growth.


Simplify auditing & compliance by streaming communications data into data warehouses in real-time.


Cyber Risk and Financial Crime (CyFi) is evolving. The average cost of a single data breach in fintech is $5.85 million and climbing.


Build with confidence knowing that Nylas adheres to FINRA SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA | HITECH regulations.

Drive innovation with robust scheduling features

Bi-Directional data sync

Bi-directional data sync

Securely pull in critical data from users’ and agents’ inboxes, calendars, and contacts.

Data extraction and conversion

Parse 1st-party data

Access holistic data from emails, so you can better understand consumer behavior, segments, and trends.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Parse data from images and attachments directly into your application.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis

Get a quick read on how customers feel based on keywords and tone in messages.

Explore Case Studies

MySocialPulse saves compliance officers 60% of their time while preventing millions in potential fines

“There was no reason to try and reinvent the wheel; Nylas was already a proven solution. Nylas has put a lot of time and effort into its solution, which gave us comfort in having that level of security.”

– Divya Prashanth CEO and Co-Founder of MySocialPulse.
Email API
Funnel increases ARR 150% using Nylas email and calendar APIs

“Since we started using Nylas, our CRM has averaged 150% YOY ARR growth.”

– Tyler Christiansen CEO at Funnel
Real Estate (CRM)
Calendar API, Email API
Crunchbase increases sales productivity and bookings by integrating email and actionable contacts data

“A big value that Nylas has brought us has been removing the ambiguity with the review process. They helped us navigate exactly how we should approach it and had the answers for all the questions we had. To this day, we’ve passed each of our verification steps. Nylas is a great partner and it’s been a huge benefit that we could feel certain that the process was going to go smoothly.”

– Monika Abraham Product Operations Manager at Crunchbase
Sales Software & Company Insights (CRM)
Email API, Express Security Review

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