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How do API integrations work?

API integrations save developers time by automating the flow of data between applications, streamlining processes and freeing up resources from mundane tasks.

What’s the cost of an API integration?

The cost of an API integration varies widely depending on several factors such as the complexity of the integration, level of customization required, and amount of development work needed. Costs can include components such as initial setup and configuration, on-going maintenance and support, necessary updates or upgrades, security, infrastructure, and fees charged by the providers themselves.

What should I look for in an email API, calendar API, or contacts API?

The type of API you choose will heavily depend on your business needs since not all APIs offer the same capabilities. Each API can offer different provider or vendor support as well as various levels of functionality and customization. For example:

  • Transactional email and contextualized email meet different business needs and use case
  • Embeddable, customizable scheduling to streamline workflows are ideal for business applications, while more out-of-the-box scheduling may be better suited for individuals

Why are Nylas API integrations importantz?

Nylas’ pre-built solutions save you time and increase efficiency with real-time, bi-directional sync directly with providers. Plus they require less initial build time and on-going maintenance for a seamless integration. With Nylas, developers can:

  • Easily connect their applications with email, calendar, and contacts with various providers using a single interface
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce API integration costs