We are Nylas

Our mission is to unlock humanity’s potential to work together. We provide simple tools to remove complexity when building embedded email and scheduling experiences, allowing world-class teams to think big, innovate, and build better products.

About Nylas Solutions
About us

Inspiration for the next big idea can take many forms. For Christine Spang, Co-Founder & CTO of Nylas, inspiration came out of frustration.

Setting out to build an extensible, open source email client, Spang and her MIT classmates encountered a frustrating challenge: accessing data from email service providers was (and still is) HARD. This challenge is faced by virtually every B2B software company.

From that, Nylas was born.

Nylas securely powers email, calendar, and contacts integrations so you don’t waste months building out infrastructure. Our APIs unlock valuable insights from communications data, empowering companies to quickly launch email and scheduling solutions that drive more engaging customer experiences.

What we believe

Here at Nylas, we have four Core Values that guide our strategy and day-to-day decision-making.



We always have each other’s back. We disagree well and commit even better. We openly share the good and the bad, so we do the right thing. We do what we say we’ll do. Our bonds are strong enough to give and receive criticism. We listen well and seek to understand before reacting.


We are delighted by problems and solving them together. We approach hard topics with a sense of adventure. We believe curiosity is the engine of change. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Work is better if you enjoy what you’re doing.


We empower our users by focusing on value. We invest in our people by giving them opportunities to grow. We help others feel safe to speak their minds. We celebrate mistakes because they let us learn.


We ruthlessly prioritize and execute with speed and quality. We always act with a shared goal in mind. We break the rules but respect the goals. We believe the best ideas win. We ask “what do we do next” instead of “why did this happen”. We choose long-term growth over short-term comfort.

Our culture

At Nylas, we recognize that our most valuable resource is our people. That’s why we’ve created a culture that works for people, not the other way around. We support a flexible working style built on a foundation of trust, respect, and transparency. We reward collaboration and foster growth so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their own goals while taking pride in their contributions.

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Diversity and inclusion
Everyone matters

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the work we do at Nylas. We celebrate what makes each of us unique and strive to increase diversity and inclusion at every level of the company. With a deliberate, strategic, and actionable roadmap, we create equitable support for everyone and foster a thriving community of diverse professionals.