Embed a contextual email client into your application

Build an email client experience that connects directly to your users’ inboxes, not proxy IPs. Power relationship-building conversations in your app. 

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Drive engagement with contextual email


Connect to 100% of user inboxes

Get direct access to all your users’ inbox data with a single integration.


Embed email in less time

Refocus engineering resources on your business priorities.


Centralize user communications

Keep users in your app for longer with time-saving inbox management tools and analytics.

Embedded email for any industry

At a fast-moving organization, we need to prioritize ruthlessly, which is why we invested in an email API that would alleviate the upfront work of building and maintaining an integration [by freeing up 10+ engineers],

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Nora Ignatius

Product Manager, Salesloft

How Salesloft unlocks a new enterprise market with Nylas

Salesloft built support for a critical email service provider to empower embedded email in its app. Find out how they use Nylas to: 

  • Conserve 25% of maintenance resources
  • Increase sales productivity
  • Centralize customer communications

Nylas [increased our ARR 150% YoY] and accelerated our timelines for moving forward. We were able to springboard out of the vision stage and dive into the execution sprint [by launching email and calendar functionality in only 2 months],

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Ben Rubin

Chief Product Officer, Funnel

How Funnel modernized communications for property managers

Funnel connects property managers, owners, landlords, and tenants with embedded, bi-directional email. Find out how they used Nylas to:

  • Launch features with just 2 developers
  • Connect brokers, buyers, and tenants
  • Maximize net operating income

Build a best-in-class email client in your app

  • Draft and send emails
    Let users send emails to individuals or groups with industry-leading 99.6% deliverability.
  • Manage incoming messages
    View, manage, and reply to any email thread or conversation with your user’s inbox.
  • Organize your inbox
    Help your users stay organized with tools such as folders, labels, and inbox-wide search.

Ready to start building?

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Frequently asked questions

What is contextual email?

Contextual email means that your email lives within the context of a larger application, with direct access to data from users’ personal email accounts. Unlike transactional email APIs, contextual email APIs are designed for developers that need to embed robust send and receive email capabilities, core email management tools, and analytics—all while achieving near-perfect email deliverability. Contextual APIs allow your users’ to preserve their email accounts rather than using a third-party (transactional) inbox.

How do I build an email client in my application?

To embed an email client in your application, you’ll need to build integrations with email service providers. By connecting with these providers, you can read, send, and delete emails directly from a user’s inbox. You’ll also want to provide support for essential inbox management tools such as threads, folders, and labels to make it easier to sort and reply to conversations.

How do I integrate other email providers into my app with Nylas APIs?

The Nylas Email API supports 100% of email service providers through a single integration, including Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365 Email, and IMAP.