Now Available: Room Resources for G Suite and Office 365!

Nylas securely connects calendars and room resources to your application. See which rooms are available, and create events with a room attached. Learn how in this blog.

Room Resources

Meeting rooms don’t just help provide privacy for the content and discussions that take place in the meeting, they can help define the tone of the meeting as well. For example, there are likely some meeting rooms that are better for private 1:1 conversations, while others (perhaps bigger, brighter, rooms) are better for interviews with candidates or important meetings with prospects.

Even if a company has multiple offices and meetings often take place between individuals across states or even countries, booking a room for each office helps others in the office maintain focus when there aren’t numerous, disparate conversations occurring out in the open at once.

Which is why today, we’re excited to announce the availability of Room Resources is now available to Nylas subscribers for all of their customers using G Suite and Office 365!

With Room Resources, you can streamline meeting creation even more for your end-users all while booking the best room for the meeting. Room Resources allows you to:

  • Show users which room resources exist within their organization.
  • Show users which rooms are available. Rooms will show whether they are free or booked during the designated meeting time.
  • Allow users to create events with a room assigned to it

To book an event in a room, all you need to do is include the room resource as a participant when creating the event with /events endpoint.

Room Resources + Calendar Sync

With Nylas Calendar sync, your users can get full visibility into the availability of rooms and everyone within the organization. Sync any calendar with your application, and allow users to book any room within the organization — all within your application.

Nylas securely connects calendars and room resources to your application. We sweat the security details so you don’t have to; our APIs come out-of-the-box with SOC 2 certification, Privacy Shield Certification, and GDPR compliance. 

We provide granular authentication scopes so you can sync data for your user’s benefit without exposing yourself to the security risks of syncing their entire calendar or inbox.

How do I get started using Room Resources?

Sign up for a free Nylas account and authenticate at least one account to access room resources for the org. You can view the Room Resources section of our docs here.

Does the “Room” count as a user (for billing purposes)?

No! Rooms do not count as a user, they’re simply a resource. 

Does Room Resources support Free/Busy?

Yes! You can see which rooms are available for a specific meeting and time slot.

Getting Started With Nylas

If you are a Nylas subscriber, you can start using the Room Resources feature right now. The Room Resources docs provide more information on how you can use this feature.

If you haven’t created an account for the Nylas communications platform yet, you can try our suite of universal APIs and experience all of the features by signing up for a free API key today.


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