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Nylas Virtual Calendars: Book Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

Schedule calendar events for people, places, and things without creating and managing a third party calendar account.

Nylas Beats Kloudless on Security, Performance, Feature Depth & Pricing

Kloudless doesn’t accurately portray the capabilities of their product, so why would you trust them for your next integration?

Now Available: Service Accounts for Calendar Authentication

Onboard enterprise organizations instantly with service accounts for calendar.

Nylas Scheduler Now Free to Healthcare Providers Fighting Coronavirus

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are helping streamline the scheduling of critical services between patients and providers.

Now Available: Room Resources for G Suite and Office 365!

Nylas securely connects calendars and room resources to your application. See which rooms are available, and create events with a room attached. Learn how in this blog.

Now Available: Free/Busy Calendars for all G Suite, Google, and Office 365 accounts

Free/Busy allows you to view availability without sharing the private details of an event.

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