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How to create and read Google Webhooks using Ruby

Create and read your Google webhooks using Ruby and Sinatra, and publish them using Koyeb. Here’s the full guide.

How to navigate Gmail’s new bulk sender guidelines with Nylas

Google has announced changes to Gmail bulk email requirements. Learn what you need to do to ensure high email delivery rates.

How to create and read Google Webhooks using Kotlin

Webhooks are a great way to keep your application updated without exhausting your server. Learn how to use Google Webhooks with Kotlin

How to delete emails with the Gmail API and Ruby

Looking forward to Inbox Zero? This guide will help you out cleaning up your Gmail account using Ruby and Sinatra

How to create a mail merge template with Python and Gmail

Learn how to use a mail merge template to send communications in your application with Python and Nylas using Flask

How to track emails in Gmail

Learn how to track emails in Gmail. We will explore how to use an Email API to configure email tracking using Gmail.

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