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How to create and read Google Webhooks using Ruby

Create and read your Google webhooks using Ruby and Sinatra, and publish them using Koyeb. Here’s the full guide.

Nylas’ 2024 predictions: Navigating AI, connectivity, and the future of work

Explore the transformative impact of AI, the evolution of global connectivity, and the reshaping of workplace culture in the digital era in Nylas’ 2024 predictions.

Grouping email threads with Ruby and Nylas

Use the Nylas Email API and Ruby to group email threads into a single view, and easily access complete conversations within your app.

How to handle timezones with JavaScript

Learn how to work with different timezones in JavaScript.

Launch Communications Features Faster (While Improving Efficiency) With Pre-Built Solutions

Building communications features in-house can restrict your resources and slow your go-to-market. Choose pre-built solutions to improve velocity and efficiency.

Customizable APIs for Job Scheduling Software

Build time-saving job scheduling software quickly.

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