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The 5 Biggest Calendar API Integration Roadblocks

The most basic calendar integration can have unexpected challenges. Learn how the Nylas Calendar API makes it easy.

Microsoft Basic Auth vs Microsoft OAuth

How to migrate from Basic Authentication to OAuth.

Now Available: Service Accounts for Calendar Authentication

Onboard enterprise organizations instantly with service accounts for calendar.

Now Available: Room Resources for G Suite and Office 365!

Nylas securely connects calendars and room resources to your application. See which rooms are available, and create events with a room attached. Learn how in this blog.

Onboard Enterprise Customers Faster with SSO Support

Nylas now offers support for Okta, OneLogin, and other leading SSO providers for all Office365 and GSuite accounts.

Improve Security With Authentication Scopes for Google and Microsoft Accounts

Sync only what you need; use Granular Authentication Scopes! This security feature gives you even more control over the types of data you sync.