Tag: Calendar API

Introducing Nylas Scheduler v3: Experience the future of in-app scheduling

Get early access to modular, decomposable, and customizable components for native scheduling in your app.

How to manage calendar events with the Ruby SDK

Do you need to manage calendar events with Ruby? This is your definitive guide for Ruby and the Nylas V3 API

Automate users’ time-consuming scheduling workflows with Nylas

Learn how product teams can use Nylas to deliver calendar management and scheduling automation solutions that increase the value of their app and save users time.

Group scheduling – Control your events participation with Python

Learn how to control your events participation by creating attendance limits using group scheduling with Python

How to build a scheduling application using Java and JavaSpark

Do you want to create your own custom scheduling application with Java? Here’s an extensive guide for you including Virtual Calendars

Integrating Google Calendar API with Python

This is a step-by-step guide to integrating Google Calendar API with Python. We will use the Nylas Calendar APIs to integrate with Google Calendar.

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