Create Chat-Like Views of Email With Nylas’ Clean Conversations

Automatically extract email bodies as text so that you can train ML models with email data, trigger automation, create chat-like views of email and more.

Automatically extract message bodies and export them into your application for a clean view.

Your users’ email contains incredibly important business communications, but key messages can get lost amidst company logos, nested responses, legal language, and more. Extracting the body of an email to create simplified views of email messages within your application is challenging for developers due to provider-specific complications. 

The Nylas Clean Conversations feature uses advanced machine learning algorithms to quickly clean up emails and provide key communications to your users without all the clutter – all wrapped up in a single, easy-to-use endpoint.

Unstructured Email Data is Painful to Parse

You want to build a clean, chat-like email view for your customers, but building from scratch is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Different email providers present email data in different ways, and there is a lot of variability extraneous information added to emails such as HTML and legal messages – resulting in messy and often convoluted email threads. This makes it hard for users to navigate and respond to emails quickly and stifles productivity.

Clean Conversations Creates Clean, Chat-Like Email Views

By leveraging the Conversation endpoint you can cut through the chaos in email threads without building and training advanced algorithms for every edge case yourself. With a simple PUT request to the endpoint, you can seamlessly clean up email message bodies and provide a clean, productivity-boosting experience for your users.


Improve Productivity with Nylas’ Email API: Beyond Clean Conversations

Your users are inundated with emails and an ever-growing task list. Help them fly through their inbox faster than ever before.  Nylas’ Email powers additional features like Signature Extraction and analytics.

Speak to a platform specialist now to learn more about Clean Conversations and other features of the Nylas Email API.


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