How ATS Product Teams Give Recruiters 52 Extra Working Days Each Year

ATS platforms built with Productivity Infrastructure gain a competitive advantage from intelligent, automated features.

How ATS Product Teams Give Recruiters 52 Extra Working Days Each Year

Applicant tracking system (ATS) providers operate in a busy ecosystem where new feature sets and functionality are a competitive requirement. To stand out, product teams and engineers must conquer a persistent end user problem — the wasted time spent on manual tasks like interview scheduling and candidate communication.

For ATS platforms, recruiting’s inefficiencies present a market opportunity for more connected and automated solutions. The simplest and most effective route to capitalize on this opportunity is through Productivity Infrastructure. Companies including ATS providers Fountain and Jobylon realized significant revenue gains by using Nylas’ Productivity Infrastructure for recruiting software.

Limited Time for Automation Features

Automating administrative tasks is a primary goal for engineering and product teams often hampered by a backlog of features to build. They cannot implement productivity features fast enough to keep pace with increasing customer demand, so product leaders are forced to make painful roadmap tradeoffs and release “good enough” products that fall short of what’s really needed. These released products offer foundational capabilities but lack the desired features to transform the recruiting experience by eliminating manual tasks and optimizing end user efficiency.

Recruiters and HR teams gravitate towards features that automate and streamline the tedium of hiring new workers. They must constantly juggle various tasks like creating engaging job postings, screening candidates, scheduling and conducting interviews, vetting, and selecting the right candidate. The endeavor can take weeks or months and often involves manual coordination and tracking. These mundane activities add up, with the average recruiter spending 8 hours each week on administrative tasks suitable for automation. This process is so cumbersome that 56% of recruitment firms have a dedicated interview scheduler on staff who spends most of their day arranging in-person or video meetings.

Give Recruiters Back 20% of their Day

ATS solutions that leverage Productivity Infrastructure can help increase a recruiter’s productivity by over 20%. Nylas provides out-of-the-box solutions to accelerate the product roadmap by solving challenges at every stage of software development. Nylas Productivity Infrastructure capabilities for recruiting include:

  • Instant Booking: Enable users to schedule meetings without the back-and-forth.
  • Round Robin Scheduler: Allow scheduling based upon first availability, or set up rules that auto-route meeting requests between calendars.
  • Free/Busy Availability: Keep meeting details private with free/busy.
  • Automated communications: Define candidate email cadences based on multiple behavioral, process, or timing-based variables.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Scan candidates’ messages and resumes and convert the contents into digestible text, which then informs ATS workflows.
  • Scheduled Email Send: Schedule personalized candidate emails to send at optimal times.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Use natural language processing (NLP) techniques to review and score candidate and recruiter messages. End users can leverage this data to understand candidate interest and engagement in real-time.

Streamline Email & Scheduling Functions for Massive Revenue Gains

ATS provider Fountain leveraged Nylas’ connectivity APIs to retool its scheduling feature in a matter of weeks. The company offers a complete hiring system including applicant tracking and recruiting functions for companies including Safeway, Grubhub, and Deliveroo. It required a contextual scheduling feature that worked harmoniously with user’s various calendar platforms. With the Nylas integration, the Fountain team gave users an improved calendaring experience that eliminates double booking and unifies calendar platforms. Instead of taking the time to implement individual APIs for each calendar service, such as Outlook 365, Fountain used Nylas to manage all the back-end integrations.

Jobylon, a multinational recruiting SaaS platform, utilized multiple Nylas Productivity Infrastructure to streamline its product and boost annual recurring revenue by 25%. They accomplished this feat by recognizing the need for improved native email and calendar functionality as critical to their product roadmap. To build a seamless inbox and calendar experience that eliminated movement between various disconnected systems, the team deployed both the Nylas Email API and Nylas Calendar API. The company’s application now updates users’ inboxes in real-time, blending both Google Workspace and Microsoft accounts into a single integration point. The results were dramatic, with a 25% year-over-year growth rate and a 10% expansion of the platform’s customer base in the European and Scandinavian markets.

How Nylas Enhances ATS Platforms

The number one interview scheduling challenge reported by recruiters is finding a time that works for all participants.  Scheduling requires so much time that 60% of recruiters report losing candidates before they can arrange an interview. Recruiters are not just wasting their time; the hiring company is potentially missing opportunities to innovate and grow through its talent.

With Productivity Infrastructure for recruiting software, Nylas enhances the ATS platform user experience by adding intelligent, automated features users can’t live without. Recruiters and hiring managers spend less time scheduling, following up, and mining through emails and can instead focus on improving the candidate experience and optimizing interview processes. That’s an easy, quick win for product teams looking to add competitive differentiators in a crowded market.

Instead of building scheduling and email capabilities from scratch via a time-consuming development process riddled with trial and error, developers can offload those functions to Nylas. Product teams are then free to add strategic value to their roadmaps and eliminate the burden of ongoing integration maintenance for their engineering counterparts. By avoiding added tech stack complexity, developers and engineers can focus on other MVP capabilities. They can also leverage the trove of communications data from emails, resumes, and other interactions to help customers uncover insights and trends. With Nylas’ proven Productivity Infrastructure platform, ATS providers can securely connect to calendar, email, and contacts providers like Google, Microsoft, and Apple, giving product teams a simple way to add frequently requested yet rarely delivered platform capabilities. 


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