Automate tasks within your project management platform so your users can work smarter, not harder

Nylas email, calendar, and contact APIs is the ideal partner in delivering — easily and securely — efficiency to your customers.

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  • Increase your users’ productivity by launching email and calendar features that reduce context switching
  • Build scheduling features within your project management tool UI

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Enable effective team collaboration with native features

Boost user productivity with automated email and scheduling features that work with your team, not against them.


Effective collaboration

Integrate your collaboration platform with your users calendar to sync your schedule and/or your team’s calendar, and propose smart times for you to meet next.


Unparalleled security

Protecting sensitive data and adhering to compliance standards are non-negotiable. Nylas gets it. We offer SOC2, ISO, and HackerOne certifications, securing your data while maintaining your peace of mind.


Optimize hybrid work

With our email and calendar APIs, you can provide an all-in-one experience for your customers, boosting their adoption of your tools and ensuring they stay engaged with your product.

Your ally to automated project management

Eliminate tedious scheduling and email tasks so your users can do more.

Platform coverage

Provider flexibility



Feature depth

Lost or misrouted document emails

Compatibility issues with email service providers

Limited email functionality for document exchange

Frequent email downtimes disrupting workflows

Concerns over document confidentiality during transfers

Ensure critical documents shared via email reach their intended recipients every time

“Our sales conversion to paying users pipeline increased by a staggering 400% as well due to an improved calendar synchronization experience. Across the three calendar providers, we saved about three months of development time and certainly ongoing development as well.”

Oliver Lamming

CTO at CatchApp

CatchApp is a scheduling platform that simplified and expanded its services by partnering with Nylas for calendar integration. This led to significant growth and efficiency gains.

  • Nylas helped unify calendar services across platforms.
  • User base increased by 66% in three months.
  • Sales conversion rate surged by 400%.
Trusted by over 250,000 developers worldwide
  • LifeMD

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Frequently asked questions

What is Nylas and how does it enhance project management?

Nylas offers email, calendar, and contact APIs designed to automate project management tasks. It allows you to integrate email and calendar features directly into your project management tool, which helps in reducing context switching for users. This increases productivity and fosters effective collaboration within teams.

How does Nylas ensure the security of my data?

Nylas prioritizes data security and compliance. It has received SOC2, ISO, and HackerOne certifications, ensuring that sensitive data is well-protected while you use the service.

What are the key features and benefits of using Nylas?

Nylas provides several key features and benefits:

  • 99.6% email deliverability ensures that important documents reach their intended recipients.
  • 99.9% uptime for uninterrupted email-based document exchanges.
  • Enterprise-grade security for protecting sensitive information during email interactions.
  • Seamless integration with 100% of email service providers.
  • Comprehensive email communication, including full send/receive capabilities.

These features work together to eliminate tedious scheduling and email tasks, allowing your users to focus on more important work.