Easy calendar and event management in your app

Maximize user engagement by building frictionless calendar views and scheduling tools directly in your application.

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Turn your app into a booking and scheduling hub


Get complete calendar coverage

Connect to all major calendar providers with just one integration.


Save developer hours

Build scheduling with a fraction of the resources.


Increase user productivity

Embed complete calendar workflows in your app that reduce context-switching.

Seamless calendar management for any industry

By partnering with Nylas, we solved technical obstacles that would’ve taken us a lot longer on our own. We likely released interview scheduling at least a year earlier than we would have if we tried to build it ourselves.

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John Whyte

Director of Product Management, Ceridian

How Ceridian reduced manual work with Nylas

With Nylas, Ceridian helps its users deliver better candidate experiences. Find out how they use calendar management to:

  • Launch features one year faster
  • Add a new premium offering
  • Save developer resources

It was much easier for us to be able [to build universal scheduling functionality across providers] from a single API.

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Paul Bouché

Head of Sales, Oliverlist

How Oliverlist launched a scalable calendar experience in half the time

Oliverlist built calendar management into their application to create events on behalf of sales reps. Find out how they used Nylas to:

  •  Launch email features 10x faster
  • Release calendar features 4x faster
  • Recover 8% of their revenue

Help your users find availability in less time

  • Centralized calendar management
    Users can manage their calendars without leaving your app.
  • Instant scheduling
    Let users share scheduling links for instant booking based on their availability.
  • Flexibility when you need it
    Protect sensitive calendar data and create calendars for shared resources.

Ready to start building?

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Frequently asked questions

What is calendar management?

Simply put, calendar management is the act of using online calendars to find time with others and manage your daily schedule. By giving your users the ability to connect, view, and manage their calendars within an application, you can minimize context-switching, giving them a single, unified view of their schedule. Effective calendar management can improve productivity and minimize unnecessary back-and-forth communication when coordinating events.

How do I create and manage calendars within an application?

By integrating your application with popular communications services providers, you can build features that let your users connect and manage their calendars. You can stand up calendar functionality in just three quick steps, allowing users to create and manage events. Additionally, virtual calendars let you create calendars independent of a calendar provider to manage events for shared resources (such as meeting rooms).

How do I integrate other calendars providers into my app with Nylas APIs?

The Nylas Calendar API lets you connect with all major calendar providers using a single integration, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar.