How To Deliver Communications Features That Your Customers Will Actually Use

Discover how product teams can stand up powerful communications features to scale business lines and improve user experience.

Ah-Née Brown | March 8, 2022

This post is an excerpt of our ebook, The Hidden Costs of Building Your Own Communications Features.

In this post, we’ll share how product teams can stand up powerful communications features to ensure the best possible user experience without investing considerable technical resources and derailing their roadmap.

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Deliver Robust Features to Achieve Your Business Outcome

Most product teams choose to build new features to add functionality to their product or achieve a specific business outcome, such as saving their customers meaningful time through work automation, providing support for popular service providers, or expanding their total addressable market. 

But due to the complex, time-consuming nature of building communications features in-house, many teams invest incredible resources into the initial build and fail to realize the actual outcome. 

With Nylas, you can skip the integration pain and proceed directly to the business outcome. Instead of sacrificing usability and user experience, you can ensure your features are both robust and easy to use. Don’t deliver yet another integration that “no one uses”—save time and drive adoption with fast, scalable, and powerful solutions via Nylas APIs

Powerful Features and Use Cases

Nylas offers out-of-the-box functionality built on top of our robust communications integrations designed to help you build the best possible user experience. This functionality can save your application’s end-users an average of one workday per week across functions such as sales, customer service, human resources, real estate, legal, finance, and more:

  • Data synchronization: Unlock powerful communications capabilities through full, bi-directional synchronization with users’ inboxes, calendars, and contacts.
  • Data extraction and inbox parsing: Extract relevant data from unstructured sources such as emails, attachments, images, and PDFs to trigger workflows. Our Inbox Parsers can tap into a massive database of representative emails across tens of thousands of merchants worldwide, empowering you to extract high-quality email data to power features that generate massive value for your business.
  • Automated communications: Automate the sending of messages from users based on criteria such as date, time, and recipient.
  • Streamlined scheduling: Teams can make booking events with conference links and room resources easy with smart scheduling and calendaring features.
  • Email send and deliverability: Ensure a 99% deliverability rate for any email users send from an application.
  • Message analysis, filtering, and routing: Analyze, filter, and route messages to users based on sender, intent, relevance, and importance. 

Plus, Nylas has a wide variety of pre-built capabilities that improve user experience and increase stickiness that you likely don’t have the resources to build on your own. 

Examples include our integration with Zoom, logic for recurring meetings, time zone support, and a pre-built scheduling UI for our Calendar API; support for threading, filtering, and attachments for our Email API; and single authentication, token management, and platform-wide GDPR compliance.

Nylas helped one global, Fortune 1000 financial technology firm boost conversion rates for repurchases by 600%, with Nylas Inbox Parsers. The firm previously struggled to build its own parsing solution in-house. Nylas helped the company’s product team overcome resourcing roadblocks and rapidly deploy a solution that was a fraction of the cost and five times as efficient.

Deliver Better Communications Features

With Nylas, you can stand up the best possible communications integrations, features, and infrastructure, fast. Want to learn even more about the hidden costs of building your own communications features? Speak with a Nylas Expert today.

Ah-Née Brown

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