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A developer's guide to Generative AI

Understanding and assessing how developers and technical teams are harnessing this revolutionary technology

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developer hiring
Navigating the developer hiring maze

Looking for insights and strategies to handle software development hiring challenges? This guide is a…

State of devex
State of developer experience 2023

Understanding the priorities, tools, and trends shaping developer experience today and for years to come….

API security 101: A guide for developers

APIs enable smooth communication and data exchange across diverse systems and applications in our interconnected…

How to build a highly engaging CRM

The CRM market can be extremely difficult if you’re looking to differentiate your product. To…

The top 5 biggest email and calendar integration pitfalls

Businesses prioritize embedding communication features like email and scheduling in their applications to meet customer…

How to modernize your ATS with productivity-enhancing workflows

Currently, we’re in a highly competitive hiring and recruitment market unlike any we’ve seen before….

How to deliver standout PropTech experiences

Emerging technologies are fundamentally disrupting the real estate industry, turning once complex transactions into seamless…

Revitalize your customer journey with next-gen CPaaS solutions

Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) solutions are quickly becoming key competitive differentiators as many businesses look to…

How to build a customer-first insurance application

Customer experience and increasing competition in the insurance industry directly affect customer engagement and retention,…

The hidden costs of building your own communications features

As you work to grow and scale your organization, chances are, you can’t afford the…

Extract data from email to power intelligent automation

Email is still the most widely used form of communication, and it contains a wealth…

Build apps that land email in the inbox, not spam

In-app email features have become table stakes for software that requires user communications, like platforms…

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