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With Nylas you can:
  • Accelerate your customers’ go-to-market by launching email, calendar, and contacts solutions up to 40x faster, saving over a year of development time.
  • Enhance your core offerings with features that captivate, without the burden of complex protocols. 

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Transform your business with an integrated and scalable solution from our trusted partners.


Technology Partners

Nylas Technology Partners integrate our communications APIs into their offerings to deliver enhanced value to their customers.


Resellers Partners

These partners resell Nylas solutions, acting as trusted advisors who control client relationships and manage the entire sales and development cycle.


Consulting Partners

Our Consulting Partners drive expansion and innovation with Nylas solutions, leveraging their deep market knowledge, superior development skills, and expertise in business transformation.

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“By enabling Nylas APIs with any existing chatbot framework or enterprise application we can significantly reduce complexity and empower developers to ship faster.”

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Dmitry Hrytsenko

Founder & CEO @ Master of Code

Seamless calendar management for every industry

Nylas partners with Master of Code Global to deliver cutting edge email, scheduling, and conversational AI chat solutions.

  • This partnership provides companies and their developers with enhanced APIs and AI solutions across key communications channels
  • Businesses now are able to receive comprehensive access to email, scheduling, and conversational AI chat solutions in a single platform
  • This integration reduces development time, delivering a better customer experience, and decreasing costs at scale

“Contact management stands at the pivotal core of all forms of communication. Through a strategic partnership with Nylas, significantly enhances the contextual depth of Contacts via conversational AI.”

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Xuchen Yao


Unlocking conversational AI and developer productivity

Build AI, email, and scheduling features directly into your applications in record time.

  • Instant time and cost savings by seamlessly deploying communications functionality and AI capabilities across various geographic regions
  • A single solution featuring email, scheduling, omnichannel messaging, and conversational AI features to facilitate deeper customer engagement
  • Lay an AI-driven foundation for automated workflows and secure access to email and calendar data

“The currency for building AI with impact is data. Nylas makes data integrations easy while AE Studio’s developers turn data into software that drives lasting ROI.” 

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Jevan Fox

Chief Revenue Officer @ AE Studio

Build faster across various coding languages

Accelerate development cycles and time-to-market.

  • Add additional development resources combined with easy-to-use APIs to prioritize developer speed without compromising on efficiency or quality
  • Leverage SDKs across major coding languages to speed up integration processes and reduce the effort and code required
  • Begin exploring generative AI use cases such as workflow automation and LLM training with secure access to large email datasets

“By bringing Nylas’ communications APIs into our development, design, and customized software solutions, we’re confident that our customers will have everything they need in one solution in order to meet their deadlines and modernize their tech stack.”

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Shao Hang He

President @ Devfortress

Expanding developers’ toolkits with comprehensive email, calendar, and contacts APIs

Get development tools and resources for building email and scheduling features faster.

  • Bring innovative and ROI-driving email and scheduling features into business applications
  • Leverage modern APIs and development services to enhance productivity and operational efficiency
  • Integrate new features and communication channels to drive a better customer experience

“Having worked with the Nylas APIs for years allows us to quickly understand what needs to be done and help customers and their development teams to get their envisioned product to market faster.”

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Vincent Jong

CEO @ Connected Product

Integrate, innovate, and deliver customer value in rapid time

Launch email and scheduling features three times faster than you would on your own.

  • In just three months, data orchestration platform RingLead was able to build and launch a scheduling solution with a customized scheduling page
  • Relevize, a marketing automation platform, built the first version of an email drip solution that included dynamic scheduling capabilities in just two months
  • Coaching platform CoachHub was able to develop a fully customized solution to manage their coaches’ calendars in their platform for more efficient scheduling in only five months

“We see our partnership with Nylas as a way to arm our clients with powerful communications APIs that can help to fast track growth plans and mitigate costs.”

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Yossi Mlynsky

Founder & CEO @ UpStack

Leading communications APIs to facilitate growth and innovation at scale

UpStack assists innovative companies to build better products, reduce costs, and scale quickly.

  • Leverage secure and innovative communications APIs to improve operational efficiency
  • Help developers create better experiences for users and customers
  • Mitigate costs and streamline operational workflows

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