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Boost agent efficiency and improve customer experiences with robust APIs that enable your product to support bi-directional email, intelligent automation, and integrated scheduling capabilities.

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  • Transform email from a transactional tool to a conversational channel
  • Extract email and calendar data for more personalized, informed, and efficient customer conversations
  • Facilitate real-time calendar sync for prompt customer callbacks and effective availability management

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Fuel platform intelligence with powerful communications data

Strengthen your platform with modern, synchronous, and reliable email, calendar, and contacts integrations to ensure high-quality data and enhanced AI performance.


Meet customers where they are

No-reply emails are frustrating. 57% of customers prefer email to communicate, so empower your platform with conversational email capabilities connected directly with your customers’ enterprise mail solutions (Gmail, Outlook).


Optimize user engagement

Expand the capabilities of your platform with bi-directional email, calendar, and contacts features to deliver a seamless and intelligent agent experience.


Smarter chatbots deliver better customer experiences

Deliver engaging self-service experiences by harnessing email data at scale. Even let consumers book appointments with a bot, leveraging real-time team member availability.

Streamline your in-app communications channels

Ditch the hassles of managing email, calendar, and contacts integrations on your own in your communications platform and opt for efficient operations.

Integrating and managing each service provider’s system is costly and time-consuming.

Accessing the data to automate workflows, personalize customer experiences, and train chatbots is difficult at scale.

Many contact centers and communication hubs have limited email functionality with inefficient data handling.

Scheduling challenges due to unpredictable call volumes and the need for effective resource management.

Trouble scaling operations to meet fluctuating customer demands while maintaining quality service.

How Dialpad leveraged Nylas for enhanced contact management

“With the Nylas API, I had launchable code for full features in just two days”, says Roesch. “One of the advantages of integrating with Nylas was how straightforward it was to sync contacts across multiple service providers and regardless of which version of Exchange our customers use.”

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Stefan Roesch

Software engineer at Dialpad

With Nylas, Dialpad transformed its platform efficiency and innovation. The company was able to:

  • Enable enterprise customers to integrate with Microsoft Exchange. 
  • Empower all customers to sync contacts from email to Dialpad’s customer database.
  • Achieve integration in just two days by a single engineer.
  • Free hundreds of hours, redirecting resources to develop AI and Voice Intelligence features, enhancing user productivity and satisfaction.
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Frequently asked questions

Why is Nylas better than building email, calendar, and contacts integrations ourselves?

Nylas helps communications platforms and cloud contact centers build and maintain integrations across multiple providers for email, calendar, and contacts. With Nylas, use a single API to integrate across providers such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Google, Apple, and all other major service providers. 

Many organizations don’t factor in the total costs of communications integrations. Check out our savings calculator for a more detailed breakdown of email, calendar, and contacts integration and maintenance costs.

When would I use Nylas vs. a transactional email service like Sendgrid?

When deciding between Nylas and SendGrid, the first question you should ask yourself is: What am I trying to build? If, for example, you’re integrating email in a communications platform or contact center so users can view and send emails from their inbox without switching tools, then a contextual email API like Nylas is the best option for your use case. But if you’re supporting mass send use cases in your product, such as email marketing campaigns, automated billing updates, or product alerts, then Twilio is likely your best fit.

You can also integrate Twilio Flex with Nylas’ APIs to unify email, SMS, calendar, and contacts data. Learn more about Nylas’ partnership with Twilio here.

What use cases can Nylas power within our applications for our users (agents, CX teams, etc.)?

Nylas empowers agents and CX teams with real-time email syncing, advanced search capabilities, efficient email threading, and the ability to reply directly, enhancing productivity in a cloud contact center environment. 

How can Nylas empower the AI features within our product?

Nylas enhances AI features in your product by streamlining data extraction from emails and calendars, ensuring efficient, relevant data retrieval and secure handling with robust compliance standards. This aids in refining AI elements like chatbots, making them more human-like and efficient, thus freeing up agents for more complex tasks in your cloud contact center platform.