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Marketplace applications can take control of their bookings funnel by offering frictionless, in-app scheduling and contextual email capabilities.

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  • Increase user productivity with embedded email and scheduling
  • Increase revenue by keeping users engaged in your app

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Increase loyalty by keeping users in your ecosystem

Give your users the tools they need to stay engaged and productive in your platform.

Platform coverage

Provider flexibility



Feature depth

Friction: 50% of customers swap vendors due to unintuitive experiences

High user churn due to slow time-to-value

Inflexibility: Third-party scheduling apps

High-maintenance, resource-intensive custom builds

Competitive landscape; no platform loyalty

Users and vendors connect twice as fast with scheduling features

Deliver custom scheduling features without the heavy lift.


Build scheduling features

Connect directly with user calendar providers and build calendar management features unique to your brand.


Unlock first-party insight

Access real-time, first party email and calendar data to track user trends and behaviors.


Engage users and vendors

Keep users in your platform, deliver better vendor-user experiences, and improve retention.

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  • LifeMD

How Upwork increased its CSAT by eliminating manual scheduling

Our primary use case is not scheduling meetings. We have such a complex platform that we can’t implement every solution on our own, so we look for the best solutions in the market—that’s why we chose Nylas..

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Maksym Dudnyk

Product Manager at Upwork

Upwork eliminates back-and-forth scheduling to better connect clients with professionals.

Find out how they use Nylas to: 

  • Help users hire 2x faster
  • Increase CSAT score to mid-90s 
  • Schedule 5,000+ meetings a week

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Frequently asked questions

How does Nylas support real-time communications between the buyers and sellers?

By using Nylas to integrate email, calendar, and contacts, you can support users who are using a variety of service providers, such as Google, Outlook, Yahoo and more, to email and schedule bookings with each other directly in your platform instead of navigating away from your ecosystem. This can result in an increase in user engagement, CSAT, and revenue.

Can we customize the user workflow to match our marketplace’s unique needs?

Yes, Nylas is a configurable solution for developers to easily own all aspects of their end user journey. Choose what’s available out of the box for a quick solution, or choose to build custom features and workflows to match your unique needs.