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Your users need engaging email outreach tools that land messages in their inbox, not spam. Quickly build contextual send and receive capabilities with Nylas. 

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Build email capabilities your users can trust


99.6% deliverability

Build automated outreach capabilities with industry-leading deliverability.


Launch email features fast

Deliver a complete email experience with send and receive capabilities.


Connect to any user inbox

Securely onnect to 100% of email service providers to unlock personal, conversational email.

Automated outreach for any industry

Adding bi-directional email sync provides our users with a way to increase their productivity within the Crunchbase platform [while encouraging upsells to a new pricing tier with premium features],

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Monika Abraham

Product Ops Manager, Crunchbase

How Crunchbase increases sales productivity and bookings with Nylas

Crunchbase uses Nylas to power personalized outreach and scheduling within its platform. Find out how they use Nylas to: 

    • Adds new pricing tier 
    • Increases revenue from upgraded accounts
    • Frees up 10+ engineers

Fortunately, we found Nylas before we started trying to build these integrations ourselves. Nylas can do the heavy lifting of integrating with proprietary APIs, allowing us to work with a simple, standardized API,

Niklas A. Emanuelsson

Head of Engineering, Jobylon

How Jobylon expands its global customer base with Nylas

Jobylon uses Nylas to give recruiters powerful candidate sourcing tools. Find out how they used automated outreach to:

  • Increase ARR 25% YoY
  • Increase expansion and upsells by 30%
  • Increase new customer acquisition by 10%

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  • Expert guidance – Get personalized advice tailored to your business needs and learn how our solutions can help.
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  • Quick setup – Learn how easy it is to integrate and scale Nylas solutions with your systems.

Contact sales team

Abstract away the complexities of one-off email integrations

  • Send with confidence
    Let users send messages to high volumes of recipients with higher deliverability rates than transactional APIs.
  • Deliver personal outreach
    Securely send, receive, and reply to messages directly from your user’s own email address.
  • Optimize your performance
    Use message tracking, scheduled sending, and other features to build a high-performance outreach solution.

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Frequently asked questions

What is automated email outreach?

Automated outreach is the use of software to send high volumes of emails (up to provider rate limits) to a list of recipients without sending those messages manually. Examples include sales outbound campaigns, customer service outreach, and candidate sourcing. The goal of automated outreach is to eliminate tedious, manual tasks while still ensuring high deliverability, open rates, and engagement.

How do I build automated email outreach in my application?

Many companies use email APIs to reduce resource investment, minimize maintenance cost, and refocus engineering efforts on more critical projects instead of building automated outreach functionality from scratch. When choosing an email API, you’ll want to consider the requirements of your use case (ex: Do you need send and receive capabilities?). Additionally, high email deliverability is critical for automated outreach solutions to ensure user confidence.

How do I integrate other email providers into my app with Nylas APIs?

The Nylas Email API supports 100% of email service providers through a single integration, including Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365 Email, and IMAP.

How does Nylas keep my users’ email data safe?

We built security into the foundation of our products and processes. Through secure user authentication, your application can only access the data it needs. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit, while programs such as continuous threat detection, continuous vulnterability monitoring, and a bug bounty program help proactively identify threats. Plus, Nylas is compliant with leading security standards, including GDPR, CCPA, SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, and HIPAA/HITECH Learn more about security at Nylas here