Accelerate time-to-hire

Enhance your application tracking system with automated email and scheduling features that take the pain out of hiring.

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  • Automate recruiter interview scheduling
  • Optimize recruiter outreach with reliable email features

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Enhance your ATS quickly and securely

Deliver robust communications features without the heavy lift.



Use one API platform to securely connect to all major email, calendar, and contacts providers, saving your team time and money building critical recruiter outreach functionality.



Access real-time data, such as email tracking and scheduling insights, to help recruiters analyze candidate engagement, drop-offs, and response rates.



Increase app usage and CSAT by boosting recruiter productivity with custom candidate outreach and actionable communications data.

Streamline scheduling workflows in your ATS with Nylas

Here’s how it works:

Create exceptional experiences recruiters love

Eliminate mundane recruiter tasks so they can focus on what really matters.

The #1 interview scheduling challenge is finding a time that works for everyone

Top talent are off the market within 10 days

Recruiter emails keep landing in spam folders

Help recruiters focus on recruiting

There’s no longer a disconnect with users copying and pasting information for scheduling or sending out manual emails. This has been a huge difference in response times.

Alex Plumb

Sr. Product Manager at TalentReef

TalentReef makes it easier for hiring managers to identify top talent. With Nylas, they:

  • Accelerated time-to-hire by 3 days
  • Built calendar features 2x as fast with half the resources
  • Reduced application drop off rates from 98% to 12%
Trusted by over 250,000 developers worldwide
  • LifeMD

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Frequently asked questions

How does integrating email and scheduling feature accelerate the time-to-hire?

By integrating email and scheduling features in your app, users can streamline the hiring process by avoiding context switching across applications, resulting in a quicker candidate outreach and interview scheduling process. 

Is the Nylas integration for Application Tracking Systems (ATS) secure?

Yes, Nylas’ API platform securely connects with all major email, calendar, and contacts providers such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and more. Successful compliance audits cover SOC2 Type II, HIPAA, ISO27001, and ISO27001 with no findings. This ensures that your data is handled securely and compliantly, without requiring heavy lifting from your team.

How does using Nylas to integrate email capabilities improve email deliverability for recruiter outreach?

Our platform boasts a 99.6% email deliverability rate. This means that emails sent are highly likely to land in the candidate’s inbox rather than filtered as spam, optimizing your recruiter’s outreach efforts.