Document Management

Enhance e-sign workflows with seamless document sending across all email providers

Boost document delivery while maintaining end-user trust with secure and reliable contextual email capabilities. 

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  • Gain real-time insights on email performance, track user engagement, access historical data, and optimize for peak deliverability.
  • Expand your market reach, supporting users with different email service providers.

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Swiftly and securely enhance document management operations

Deliver a direct and personalized email experience in your app with enhanced user engagement, ensuring elevated security every step of the way.


Embed a contextual email client

Build an email client experience that connects directly to your users’ inboxes, not proxy IPs. Facilitate relationship-building conversations in your app.


Power automated outreach

Your users need engaging email outreach tools that land messages in their inbox, not spam. Quickly build contextual send and receive capabilities with Nylas.


Enterprise-grade security

Security is built into the fabric of our products, infrastructure, and processes, so you can rest assured that your data and your users’ data is safeguarded.

Improve e-signature & document workflows with Nylas

Help your users mitigate challenges when sending and receiving important, time-sensitive documents.

Platform coverage

Provider flexibility



Feature depth

Lost or misrouted document emails

Compatibility issues with email service providers

Limited email functionality for document exchange

Frequent email downtimes disrupting workflows

Concerns over document confidentiality during transfers

Ensure vital documents shared via email reach their intended recipients without hindrance

Nylas solved the email deliverability problem perfectly for us. Our users were able to send marketing emails through their individualized email accounts rather than with transactional email service providers. Keeping accounts separate has been a big win.

Justin Belobaba

Founder and CEO at Nowsite

With the Nylas Email API, Nowsite transformed its digital communication infrastructure and fortified its customer loyalty and revenue streams. The company: 

  • Elevated email deliverability to an impressive near-100% rate
  • Skyrocketed their Net Promoter Score from 25 to 49
  • Added over $1 million in annual revenue
Trusted by over 250,000 developers worldwide
  • LifeMD

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Frequently asked questions

What is Nylas used for?

In the document management sector, Nylas provides developers with the tools to effortlessly embed email, calendar, and contacts functionalities into their platforms. This integration aids companies in facilitating smoother document-centric workflows, guaranteeing secure end-to-end encrypted communications, ensuring top-tier email deliverability, and synchronizing calendars to optimize scheduling related to document tasks.

What is the deliverability of Nylas email?

The deliverability rate of Nylas email is an industry-leading 99.6%. Compared to many transactional email platforms, which often have rates around 80%, Nylas stands out by ensuring that messages consistently reach the intended inbox rather than getting caught in the SPAM folder.