Transform your health-tech product into a must-have platform

Increase engagement, retention, and patient satisfaction with powerful APIs that automate communications, scheduling, billing, and record-keeping.

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  • Enhance patient satisfaction with robust features that automate labor-intensive manual tasks, including digitizing records and managing calendars.
  • Provide engaging, embedded email and calendar functionalities in your tele-health software, facilitating scheduling appointments and communicating with patients.

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Smart healthcare operations

Streamline appointments, simplify payments, and enhance communication — all in one platform.


Simplify scheduling

Automatically schedule, confirm, and remind providers and patients of appointments via email and SMS


Automate payments

Automatically capture critical payment and insurance information from email attachments and input it directly to your EHR


Enhance communication

Use bi-directional email sync to securely connect and communicate with your patients and teammates within the application

Revolutionize healthcare operations with our HIPAA-compliant platform

Cut costs and save time on administrative tasks — from scheduling to payment collections — with our comprehensive solution.

38% of healthcare costs go to administrative overhead such as digitizing records and managing calendars

52% of practices spend at least 10 hours a week scheduling appointments and communicating with patients

77% of medical providers say that it takes more than a month to collect any payment

All-in-one scheduling solutions

“We were on the brink of launching our new CRM but hit a wall with our existing platform—it simply couldn’t scale or offer the features we needed. That’s when we turned to Nylas. From the get-go, we were impressed by its robust functionality, scalability, and iron-clad security measures.”

Chief Security Officer

Leading Healthcare Technology Company

With Nylas, our clinicians have optimized workflows, leading to:

  • 33% reduction in operational costs
  • 100% compliance with industry regulations
  • Enabled healthcare providers to prioritize top-notch patient care



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Frequently asked questions

How does Nylas ensure compliance with healthcare regulations?

Compliance is at the core of Nylas. We adhere to HIPAA and HITECH standards, ensuring that all data handled is managed securely and in accordance with industry regulations. Visit our Trust Center for detailed documentation of our security standards

How does Nylas help in reducing the time spent on scheduling and communication?

Nylas offers Bi-directional Calendar and Email Sync, alongside Omnichannel Event reminders, making scheduling and communicating with patients and teammates seamless. By automating these processes, practices can drastically cut down the hours spent on administrative tasks each week.

What does Nylas offer to alleviate the administrative overhead in healthcare?

Nylas significantly reduces administrative costs by automating essential tasks such as digitizing records, managing calendars, and scheduling appointments. With features like easy document digitization and automated scheduling workflows, you can streamline your practice’s operations, dedicating more time to patient care.

How can I get started using Nylas?

Getting started is easy! Simply  fill out the form on this page, and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to guide you through the process.