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Helping patients and providers during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Streamlined Patient Booking

Allow patients to book doctor’s visits without having to speak to staff directly.

Easy Scheduling of Resources

Quickly book critical resources such as examination rooms and equipment.

Smarter Routing of Patient Inquiries

Automatically route patient requests based upon physicians’ availability.

Full Coverage Across Providers

Coverage across all calendar service providers such as Google and Microsoft.

Fully Secure Integrations

HIPAA-ready with enterprise-grade security features included.

Eligibility is limited to connected accounts that are associated with a physician, nurse, or administrative staff that is providing critical services to COVID-19 patients, including testing and patient care. Except as otherwise specified on this page, the free offer for health care providers is subject to Nylas’s standard terms of use located here (“Standard Terms”). In the event of a conflict between the Standard Terms and terms listed on this page, the terms listed on this page will govern. Once you submit your information below, your information will be reviewed by Nylas to confirm eligibility. Submission of a request for the free offer through this page does not guarantee you access to or a license of any Nylas products. Nylas has the right to audit any account or account usage, terminate any account, and seek payment or damages related to any connected accounts that do not meet the eligibility requirements set forth on this page. Nylas may revoke any license granted to a user in connection with this offer. Any license of a Nylas product or service granted by Nylas in connection with this offer will expire 6 months after that license has been granted.

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