Nylas + Artificial intelligence

Extract value by parsing emails to understand customers’ behavior, automate workflows, and deliver rich customer experiences.

Email is a top channel for worldwide communication, but its potential as a data source is largely untapped. Connect with an expert to learn how Nylas can help you:
  • Apply customized AI to parse email inboxes — with Nylas, access this data source to feed your AI or LLM models up to 12x faster, compared to the months or years it typically takes without it.
  • Easily extract, filter, segment, and normalize email data, turning it into actionable insights more securely and cost-effectively than using an LLM.
  • Overcome the challenges of managing integrations with multiple email providers and protocols using a single API.

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Today vs. tomorrow: The future of communication intelligence

See how Nylas helps businesses transform email data into actionable insights.



Filter out all the noise in an inbox so you only get the signal you’re looking for.

Simplify the process of extracting untapped data from the depths of your customers’ email inboxes by only extracting the data that matters exactly when you need it. 



Take what you need from unstructured data and normalize it to a structured format.

Nylas filters relevant data (e.g., customer confirmations or interactions) and standardizes it into fields like date, amount, and type, enabling you to bring structured data into your app.



Automate processes that leverage your structured data to power your application.

Use structured data to train contextual LLMs and develop innovative, customized, and intelligent software for enhanced growth and user experiences.

Data doesn’t just reflect user behavior; it shapes future actions and strategies, creating a cycle of continuous improvement.

Nylas’ APIs + AI power intelligent use cases across various industries

Personalize marketing and streamline order management

With customer purchase histories and browsing habits, companies can offer personalized product recommendations to increase customer experience, sales, and retention rates.

Optimize booking management

Discover travel preferences, offer complementary products, and create tailored packages based on guests’ bookings, resulting in increased occupancy and revenue.

Extract and organize transaction details

Fill the gaps and enrich the merchant and transaction values from APIs like Plaid with details from actual order emails, such as purchased items, sizes, colors, and more. Give users unprecedented insight into their own habits, improve user retention, and decrease churn.

Help users spot fraudulent activities before they happen

Proactively offer fraud detection tools, powered with templates from reported scam emails, so banks can easily spot unusual activities to protect their customers.

Enhance student productivity and engagement

Through online learning platforms, students can increase their pace of learning by interacting with chatbots and content built by their instructors, assisted by AI.

Deliver personalized content recommendations and reminders

Understand user activity to recommend shows, movies, or songs, and increase user engagement and subscription renewals.

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