Embed email and scheduling to increase productivity in your CRM

Simplify client communications and scheduling by seamlessly integrating with all email providers in your CRM, boosting customer interactions and team efficiency.

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  • Integrate bi-directional email and calendar functionality to manage client communication in your platform.
  • Extract real-time insights from email and calendars to accurately monitor deal progression and resources.
  • Get unparalleled deliverability to improve e-signature and document management workflows.

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Turn your CRM into an all-in-one communications hub

Give your developers the tools they need to quickly and securely launch native email, calendar, and contacts features. Let Nylas bring powerful communications into your platform and handle on-going maintenance.


Centralize customer interactions

Use a single API platform to power bi-directional email and scheduling workflows to centralize communications data, increasing productivity and user adoption.


Automate scheduling and track events

Quickly power calendars and custom booking experiences so your end users can easily manage and track client appointments and resources.


Land emails in inboxes, not spam

Get 99.6% email deliverability to ensure prospect outreach lands in inboxes, and track real-time bounce notifications to improve engagement.

Activate more productivity in CRMs, for all industries and teams

Expedite deal cycles with advance email capabilities.

Limited email functionality lead to limited insights and deal sentiment, wasting time on sales productivity and deal cycles.

With Nylas, get real-time syncing, enhanced search capabilities, tracking, threading, and intelligent filtering.

Designed to manage sensitive client data.

Legal practice management systems are outdated with physical paperwork and bills. And meeting security protocols for managing sensitive client material digitally puts lawyers at risk.

With Nylas, stay compliant with leading standards including ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC I Type 2, SOC II Type 2, and GDPR.

Track all client interactions in one place.

Finance professionals must keep comprehensive client records to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

With Nylas, centralize managing financial documents and automate scheduling tasks.

Unlock modern email capabilities.

Construction projects require tight coordination of resources and stakeholders.

With Nylas scheduling automation you can help project managers facilitate crews, vendors, equipment, and more.

Make communication seamless.

Scheduling and client outreach takes agent’s focus away from closing deals and building relationships.

With Nylas, embed email and schedule virtual property tours to deliver the experiences homebuyers expect.

We knew from the start that we had to somehow find a solution to integrate email because 80% of information exchanged between lawyers and their clients is by email. It saves legal professionals significant time because you have all your emails in one place. And you can also use the email feature to send bills or documents you create within Jarvis.

Alexandre Yeremian

CEO at Jarvis Legal

With Nylas, Jarvis Legal established a secure, bi-directional sync with all major email and calendar providers. Now legal professionals can send and receive messages and convert appointments into billable activities.

With Nylas, Jarvis Legal:

  • Integrated email and calendar four months faster
  • Save end users three hours a day
  • Sold 15% more services with a user-friend experience



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Frequently asked questions

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How does Nylas keep emails regarding sensitive health and financial information secure?

Working with platforms that manage incredibly sensitive health (such as PHI or PII) and financial information means we take security and compliance seriously. We’ve built enterprise-grade security into the foundation of our platform, through security practices including data encryption at rest and in transit; continuous vulnerability monitoring and threat detection; a bug bounty program and secure SDLC. Plus, we’ve ensured the latest version of our platform stores zero data for Gmail and Microsoft accounts.  

Plus, we’re compliant with major standards including ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC I Type 2, SOC II Type 2, and GDPR.

What scheduling capabilities can construction project managers leverage to manage their calendars?

Regardless of industry or team, including construction, legal, sales, real estate, healthcare, and more, Nylas helps CRMs become a go-to hub for project management, resource management, and client communications. 

With the Nylas Calendar API, your team can access powerful scheduling automation out of the box. Quickly implement availability endpoints that prevent double-booking, round-robin routing to match client calls to the right agent, and powerful virtual calendars to manage shared resources such as equipment and rooms. Visit the Nylas Calendar API product page for more information on Nylas’ scheduling.  

Why is Nylas better than building email, calendar, and contacts integrations ourselves?

Nylas helps CRM developers build and maintain integrations across multiple providers for email, calendar, and contacts. With Nylas, use a single API to integrate across providers such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Google, Apple, and all other major service providers. 

Many organizations don’t factor in the total costs of communications integrations. Check out our savings calculator for a more detailed breakdown of email, calendar, and contacts integration and maintenance costs. 

What email use cases can Nylas power within our applications for our users (agents, sales reps, lawyers, financial advisors, admins, construction project managers, etc.)? 

With the Nylas Email API, empower your CRM users, regardless of preferred provider such as Gmail or Microsoft Exchange, with access to real-time email syncing and sending, advanced search capabilities, efficient email threading, and the ability to reply directly, enhancing productivity directly in your CRM platform.  

When would I use Nylas vs. a transactional email service like Sendgrid?

When deciding between Nylas and SendGrid, the first question you should ask yourself is: What am I trying to build? If, for example, you’re integrating email in a communications platform or contact center so users can view and send emails from their inbox without switching tools, then a contextual email API like Nylas is the best option for your use case. But if you’re supporting mass send use cases in your product, such as email marketing campaigns, automated billing updates, or product alerts, then Twilio is likely your best fit.

You can also integrate Twilio Flex with Nylas’ APIs to unify email, SMS, calendar, and contacts data. Learn more about Nylas’ partnership with Twilio here

How can Nylas empower the AI features within our product?

Nylas enhances AI features in your product by streamlining data extraction from emails and calendars, ensuring efficient, relevant data retrieval and secure handling with robust compliance standards. This aids in helping your engineers refine AI elements in your CRM, such as crafting more effective and personalized emails, auto-tracking billable time, providing predictive analytics, thus freeing up your users’ time to complete more complex tasks.