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Streamline email and scheduling workflows for your customers and clients. Build secure, compliant communications features to power the next generation of financial technologies and businesses.

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  • Scale support communications with personal, conversational email experiences
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  • Ensure compliance with secure access to complete inbox and calendar history

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Automate fintech and insurance communications

Meet customers and users where they are with direct access to email, calendar, and contacts data from all major communications services providers.


Embed communications fast

Launch integrations 12x faster, saving up to 50% of technical resources.


Engage users and customers

Arm end users with differentiating features, growing your business and improving satisfaction.


Harness intelligence

Get unparalleled access to communications data to accelerate personalization and AI. 

Built to handle even the most sensitive financial communications

Nylas APIs abstract away the complexity of managing email, calendar, and contacts integrations on your own. Opt for best-in-class communications experiences.

Security and compliance

Universal integrations


User experience


Time to market

Developer resources

Difficulty managing data security & ensuring privacy across integrations.

Integrating & managing individual service providers is expensive and time-intensive.

Clients, agents, & advisors waste time & risk error when context-switching and manually scheduling.

Communication silos between advisors, clients, & internal teams lead to missed deadlines.

AI & personalization require high volumes of clean, quality first-party data.

Delayed time to market means dissatisfied customers, giving competitors an edge.

Developers can spend years building features that require considerable resources to maintain.  

Leveraging Nylas for real-time email, calendar management, scheduling

“Using Nylas, we developed our initial email and calendar integrations within a month on our travel platform to offer travel advisors unparalleled digital tools. We achieved our go-to-market timeline, conserved developer time, and reduced costs, all while allowing us to focus on our primary roadmaps, fostering new user adoption, and enhancing our competitive edge.”

Sr. Product Manager at a software company for the travel industry

With Nylas, this travel platform was able to:

  • Develop initial email and calendar integrations within a month
  • Enabled travel advisors to integrate with IMAP, a particularly challenging integration
  • Enable embeddable scheduler and calendar view for real time travel updates
  • Allows travel agents to stay within application, reducing the need for context switching
  • Increased user adoption with ease of use, optimizing the user experience 
  • Achieved real-time sync to reduce data hygiene issues at scale
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Frequently asked questions

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How does Nylas keep emails regarding sensitive financial information secure?

Working with platforms that manage incredibly sensitive health and financial information means we take security and compliance seriously. We’ve built enterprise-grade security into the foundation of our platform, through security practices including data encryption at rest and in transit; continuous vulnerability monitoring and threat detection; a bug bounty program and secure SDLC. Plus, we’ve ensured the latest version of our platform stores zero data for Gmail and Microsoft accounts.  

Plus, we’re compliant with major standards including ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC I Type 2, SOC II Type 2, and GDPR.

Why is Nylas better than building email, calendar, and contacts integrations ourselves?

Nylas helps communications platforms and cloud contact centers build and maintain integrations across multiple providers for email, calendar, and contacts. With Nylas, use a single API to integrate across providers such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Google, Apple, and all other major service providers.

Many organizations don’t factor in the total costs of communications integrations. Check out our savings calculator for a more detailed breakdown of email, calendar, and contacts integration and maintenance costs.

When would I use Nylas vs. a transactional email service like Sendgrid?

When deciding between Nylas and SendGrid, the first question you should ask yourself is: What am I trying to build? If, for example, you’re integrating email in a communications platform or contact center so users can view and send emails from their inbox without switching tools, then a contextual email API like Nylas is the best option for your use case. But if you’re supporting mass send use cases in your product, such as email marketing campaigns, automated billing updates, or product alerts, then Twilio is likely your best fit.

You can also integrate Twilio Flex with Nylas’ APIs to unify email, SMS, calendar, and contacts data. Learn more about Nylas’ partnership with Twilio here.

How can Nylas empower the AI features within our product?

Nylas enhances AI features in your product by streamlining data extraction from emails and calendars, ensuring efficient, relevant data retrieval and secure handling with robust compliance standards. This aids in refining AI elements like chatbots, making them more human-like and efficient, thus freeing up agents for more complex tasks in your cloud contact center platform.