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Automate booking confirmations, deliver real-time updates, and personalize travel itineraries by enabling seamless email, calendar, and contact integrations with Nylas.

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  • Increase productivity with unified email and scheduling workflows
  • Unite guest communications in contextual email to personalize travel experiences.
  • Embed real-time calendar sync to build dynamic itineraries for travel clients

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Build 40x faster with Nylas for efficient travel experiences

Elevate your travel and hospitality platform by streamlining communications, optimizing scheduling, and unlocking amazing guest experiences with Nylas integrations for email, calendar, and contacts.


Build engaging agent workflows

Streamline agents’ tasks with intuitive tools for managing customer interactions, organizing trip details, and optimizing appointment coordination.


Enable real-time insights at scale

Deliver engaging experiences by harnessing real-time email and guest data for travel agents.


Meet travelers where they are

Keep track of present & past client communications and travel bookings, and automate scheduling based on agent availability.

Simplify your day-to-day in one place

Nylas makes it easy to securely collect, store, and access necessary email and calendar data for hospitality providers.

Provider flexibility


Feature depth

Optimized workflows


Individually integrating & managing each service provider is expensive and time-intensive.

Accessing data to automate, personalize guest experiences, & build itineraries is hard at scale.

Limited email functionality makes it hard for travel agents to efficiently communicate and manage resources.

Scheduling challenges due to frequent travel updates and changes to reservations.

Trouble scaling operations to meet seasonal travel demands while maintaining quality service.

Leveraging Nylas for real-time email, calendar management, scheduling

“Using Nylas, we developed our initial email and calendar integrations within a month on our travel platform to offer travel advisors unparalleled digital tools. We achieved our go-to-market timeline, conserved developer time, and reduced costs, all while allowing us to focus on our primary roadmaps, fostering new user adoption, and enhancing our competitive edge.”

Sr. Product Manager at a software company for the travel industry

With Nylas, this travel platform was able to:

  • Develop initial email and calendar integrations within a month.
  • Enabled travel advisors to integrate with IMAP, a particularly challenging integration.
  • Enable embeddable scheduler and calendar view for real time travel updates.
  • Allows travel agents to stay within application, reducing the need for context switching.
  • Increased user adoption with ease of use, optimizing the user experience. 
  • Achieved real-time sync to reduce data hygiene issues at scale.
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Frequently asked questions

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Why is Nylas better than building email, calendar, and contacts integrations ourselves?

Nylas helps travel and hospitality platforms build and maintain integrations across multiple providers for email, calendar, and contacts. With Nylas, use a single API to integrate across providers such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Google, Apple, and all other major service providers. 

Many organizations don’t factor in the total costs of communications integrations. Check out our savings calculator for a more detailed breakdown of email, calendar, and contacts integration and maintenance costs.

When would I use Nylas vs. a transactional email service like Sendgrid?

When deciding between Nylas and SendGrid, the first question you should ask yourself is: What am I trying to build?

If, for example, you’re integrating email in a communications platform or contact center so users can view and send emails from their inbox without switching tools, then a contextual email API like Nylas is the best option for your use case. If you’re supporting mass send use cases in your product, such as email marketing campaigns, automated billing updates, or product alerts, then Twilio is likely your best fit.

You can also integrate Twilio Flex with Nylas’ APIs to unify email, SMS, calendar, and contacts data. Learn more about Nylas’ partnership with Twilio here.

What use cases can Nylas power within our applications for our users (agents, front desk teams, managers, etc.)?

Nylas empowers travel agents with real-time email syncing, advanced search capabilities, efficient email threading, and the ability to reply directly, enhancing productivity in a cloud contact center environment. 

How can Nylas empower the AI features within our product?

Nylas enhances AI features in your product by streamlining data extraction from emails and calendars, ensuring efficient, relevant data retrieval and secure handling with robust compliance standards. This aids in refining AI elements like chatbots, making them more human-like and efficient, thus freeing up agents for more complex tasks in your cloud contact center platform.