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Salesforce Package

Capture all customer email activity in Salesforce

With Nylas, capture all email conversations inside Salesforce tasks and custom objects. Unlock email insights, run activity reports, and align your customer-facing teams.

  • Get the full picture – Track all conversations between your company and your customers inside Salesforce Account objects without paying for more Salesforce seats.
  • Zero user behavior change – Say goodbye to manual email logging. Sync email to Salesforce automatically, regardless of provider.
  • Deploy in less than an hour – Meet your Salesforce requirements with limited technical resources and at half the cost. Go live in an hour or less.

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Finally, capture complete customer context in Salesforce

Most of what you know (and don’t know) about your customers lives inside your email inbox. Reveal a unified view of email activity in your Salesforce instance.


Never miss an email

Sync 100% of emails from your customer-facing teams, including non-Salesforce users.


Improve productivity

Unlock a unified view of email conversations to help customer-facing teams effectively engage new and existing opportunities.


Save time + resources

Arm your Salesforce administrator with a fully customizable solution that can be deployed in 60 minutes.

Capture every email without adding Salesforce seats

Don’t buy extra seats for expensive SaaS tools. Our package lets you design a solution unique to your Salesforce instance while saving time and cost. 

  • Nylas inbox user interface — Easy-to-implement Lightning Web Component that gives you a combined view of all email customer email communications.
  • Sync as Tasks or Objects — Store emails as tasks, custom email objects, or both. Filter emails by sender, subject line, and thread activity.
  • Individual or bulk authentication — Quickly authenticate and sync email data from Salesforce users and non-users to get a complete view of engagement.
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How to sync email activities in Salesforce

Nylas connects directly with your users’ email service providers, allowing your reps to view 100% of customer email conversations directly inside Salesforce as tasks or custom objects.


Meet with a Nylas expert

Speak with a Nylas expert to get access to our platform. They’ll provide a setup guide so you can get started.


Install Nylas Salesforce package

The Nylas package provides all of the components you need to sync, report on, and view your organization’s email activity in Salesforce.


Connect your users

Users can connect their accounts individually or an admin can bulk authenticate accounts through our admin portal.

Get complete insight into Salesforce email activity at a fraction of the cost

Avoid alternatives that are too expensive, too manual, or bloated with unnecessary features.

Expensive (starting at $20.65 per user per month)


Can’t capture emails from non-Salesforce users, providing an incomplete picture

Can’t run Salesforce activity reports on email data

Deletes data after 6 months; no history of email communications 

Limited customization

Ready to harness the power of email in Salesforce?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Nylas-Salesforce package?

The Nylas-Salesforce package is a bundle of app components designed for Salesforce administrators to quickly build and launch a single pane of glass view of all customer email conversations in Salesforce. The package includes access to the Nylas Email API, a Nylas Lighting Web Component, out-of-the-box filtering functionality, a bulk authentication portal, and a Salesforce admin panel. 

How does the Nylas-Salesforce package work?

Nylas syncs To or From emails with domains that match an account or contact in your Salesforce instance, stores email data in a custom object, and displays it in Salesforce as a clean, threaded record of the communication chains with each customer or prospect.

What can the Nylas-Salesforce package do for my revenue team?

Currently, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to quickly and easily understand all of the different conversations between your revenue team and customers. A particular prospect could be speaking with support, sales, and implementation all at the same time, but none of those messages are accessible when you’re researching for your next call.  With the Nylas-Salesforce package, users get the context of email conversations with anyone at the account, even if they are not an existing lead or contact in Salesforce. 

What do I need to implement this solution and how long will it take?

All you need to do is create a Nylas account, complete the initial Nylas GCP project setup, and install the Nylas unmanaged Salesforce package to get started. End to end, it should take no more than an hour to get everything set up. 

Who can sync their customer/prospect emails into Salesforce?

You can sync emails from any user in your organization that you authenticate, regardless of email service provider and Salesforce access. 

Does Nylas store any of my email data?

Nylas doesn’t store any email data in transit and instead syncs it directly to your Salesforce instance. Unlike Einstein Activity Capture, which syncs email data to a separate server, Nylas lets you store data in Salesforce for however long you need it. For more information on Nylas’ enterprise-grade security and compliance, check out our security page

How much does this cost?

Nylas charges monthly based on the number of employee email accounts you connect, giving you the flexibility to pay for what you need. There is no additional charge for the Nylas-Salesforce package beyond the Platform connected account cost for the Plus tier. For more information, visit our pricing page.