Get real-time, bi-directional sync with your users’ email, calendar, and contacts data.

Turn Any Application Into a CRM Overnight

We give you immediate access to the rich data that resides in your users’ inboxes, calendars, and contacts. Now you can quickly and securely build features that boost your users’ productivity and power next-level customer experiences.

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The Problem

Data Engineering is a Challenge

Users’ data is hidden behind complex, archaic protocols built by service providers. Accessing this data directly is a time-consuming process that requires custom code and workarounds.

Security is a Constantly Moving Target

Providers’ security requirements are only getting more stringent, creating additional hoops to jump through during reviews for security verifications and certifications.

Maintaining Integrations Is a Tax on Your Team

When you build your own integrations, you also have to maintain them. If a provider updates their API, it can introduce breaking changes that leave you scrambling for a fix.

The Solution

One Integration. Every Provider.

Integrate once and connect to every inbox, calendar, or address book in the world — in real-time and with no custom code required.

Security You Can Trust. Control When You Need It.

Get the control you need to ensure you access sensitive user data securely. Bring new products and features to market with complete assurance that your integration is fully compliant.

Delegate Maintenance to the Experts

We stay ahead of provider updates so you don’t have to. Even when provider APIs are down, Nylas maintains core functionality so your software doesn’t suffer.

Thinking About Building Your Own Integration?

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Data Sync That Developers Love

Nylas gives you the features you need to quickly and safely sync your users’ communications data directly with any application.

Integrate once with universal email, calendar, and contacts APIs that give you access to every email, calendar, and contacts provider in the world. 

Webhooks provide real-time notifications for your users’ emails, events, and contacts so your app stays up to date with the latest information.

Unlock full CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) capabilities for your users’ inboxes, calendars, and contacts.

Enterprise-grade security protects user data in transit and at rest. Our connections come certified with GDPR, SOC 2 Type II, Privacy Shield, CCPA, and are HIPAA | HITECH, and FINRA-ready.

Authenticate your users natively with a customizable UX and take advantage of off-the-shelf OAuth support for Gmail and Microsoft.

Data Residency allows you to select where your user data is stored. Choose from the United States, Canada, or the European Union.

Authentication scopes let you determine what types of data you want to sync.

Hosted Auth auto-detects email and calendar providers, and delivers a seamless login experience customized for your brand.

SDKs in Node, Java, Python, and Ruby make it easy to build features fast.

Smart API versioning ensures provider updates don’t introduce breaking changes into your app.