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The Nylas APIs help software companies around the world build email, calendar, and contacts features into their platforms.


Nylas allowed us to integrate with, Exchange,Office365, and IMAP email providers in a scalable way.

The new features we built with the Nylas API help users understand each contact, opportunity, or deal at a glance - and because they don't have to switch to another app to communicate, they can be much more productive and close deals faster.

Nylas made it easy for us to deliver great email features that are also secure, reliable, and scalable.



Co-founder and CEO at Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM and sales enablement software that uses Nylas to power their platform with two-way email sync and send. The added features help funnel sales prospects through the process quickly, leading to millions of dollars in revenue.


How a Single API Integration Added Millions in Revenue for Pipedrive

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It took Fountain one internal hackathon, one engineer, and the  Nylas Calendar API to build the scheduling feature they had in mind, uniting users’ calendars regardless of their calendar platform.

“Nylas is the fastest way to get interoperability with all of the different calendar providers. We went from idea to execution in a couple days.”




Product Manager at Fountain

Fountain is the leading mid-market and enterprise Hiring Platform for Hourly Workers, built for speed and scale, that is backed by over $11M in venture capital.

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Learn How Fountain Drives Value with Nylas Calendar API 

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The Nylas Contacts API is a powerful component of Dialpad, allowing our users to search and dial their contacts in real-time. With Nylas, our users' contacts sync from their address book to Dialpad seamlessly, regardless of what platform their contacts book lives in (Gmail, Exchange, etc.).

Integrating Nylas into Dialpad was a breeze - simple, clear documentation allowed me to get a POC up and running the very same day and out to production the next week! Having a single interface to a wide variety of contact providers is amazing, freeing up time for me and my team. For example, Nylas is the only solution that allows us to have a REST interface with our customers on-prem Exchange setups. Nylas has been a great partner throughout the years.



Software Engineer at Dialpad

Dialpad, a cloud communications platform for sales and marketing teams, uses the Nylas contacts API to find the most up-to-date, accurate contacts data, allowing sales and marketers to dial contacts in real-time.



We always knew that a successful CRM needed a tight email integration, but that's easier said than done. Fusing everything together - from a user's emails to their contacts, and calendar - in a way that's productive for the end-users is hard to do because there were so many different email providers we needed to connect to - Gmail, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange just for starters. Nylas provided a single point of integration for all of these inboxes.



CTO of Wealthbox

Wealthbox is the leading CRM for financial advisors. With the Nylas email API, Wealthbox helps financial advisory firms manage customer relationships with ease even when an advisor is out sick or on vacation. They created customizable email templates that are standardized across hundreds of offices to ensure their customers get consistent, excellent service.


How Wealthbox Launched Their Next-Gen Financial CRM with the Nylas APIs

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