Uplevel your CRM with intelligent workflows

Add communication and scheduling capabilities to your CRM and marketing systems, quickly and easily.

Increase user engagement across your application

Embed critical communication functionalities that provide real-time, actionable data and move customer conversations forward.

Improve NPS with powerful workflows users want

Save users 30%+ of their time. Power your application with automated scheduling and omnichannel features so users can focus on building customer relationships.

Powering the world’s top applications

Unlock automated workflow solutions

Streamline interactions

Introduce omnichannel communication features across email, calendar, SMS, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Enhance automation

Save users time scheduling meetings without the back-and-forth so they can focus on closing deals faster.

Fuel intelligence

Power smart workflows and personalization by leveraging rich communication data to build stronger relationships.

Experience the Nylas difference

Deliver bi-directional, omnichannel communications

Connect to 100% of your users’ email, calendar, and contacts providers to unlock personalization capabilities, and analytics directly in your CRM.

Accelerate your product roadmap

Save money and free up your development team. Quickly stand up powerful productivity features in your application without sacrificing your roadmap.

Build without the risk

Build secure integrations with confidence. Nylas adheres to SOC 1 & 2, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, HITECH, and FINRA regulations and undergoes rigorous external audits and penetration tests.

Save time by automating administrative tasks

Power automation to save more than 30% of your users’ time on tasks like identifying and qualifying leads, managing incoming requests, sending follow-ups, and scheduling meetings.

Schedule client meetings efficiently

Enable your users to do more in less time by removing the back-and-forth to schedule meetings. Streamline scheduling workflows with omnichannel event reminders.

Close deals faster

Organize and share customer interactions to make sure no opportunities fall through the cracks. Extract insights from customer data to help users know how and when to follow up.

Unleash the power of your CRM

Build robust features that increase user engagement and NPS. Integrate powerful, reliable email and scheduling features that scale.



Less than 25% of sales emails are opened, due to irrelevant or impersonal touchpoints.

Send personalized emails directly from your CRM with 99.6% deliverability.

Businesses spend hours per day navigating across apps, which could be spent on more productive work.

Increase productivity with quick access to tools, prioritizing opportunities based on behavioral insights.

Integrating across service providers is complex and costly, as is maintaining and scaling the infrastructure.

Deliver vital communication features with secure, easy-to-use APIs that help you build once, manage updates, and scale.

Build a better user experience with advanced capabilities

Sentiment analysis

Quickly analyze how customers feel based on keywords and tone in messages to help users anticipate next steps.

99.6% deliverability

Bypass proxy sends to ensure your users’ emails land in customer inboxes, not spam.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Parse data from images and attachments directly into your CRM.

Availability search

Enable users to schedule interactions with customers based on criteria like the earliest availability for all participants.

Scheduled email send

Schedule email deployments at optimal times to increase customer engagement.

Tracking and analytics

Track email performance metrics like opens, clicks, and replies to optimize customer engagement productivity.

Data extraction and conversion

Parse relevant information from messages and calendar events directly into your application to increase knowledge-share across teams.

Multi-calendar booking

Add meetings to every participant’s calendar, both inside and outside your users’ organizations.

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