The Best Scheduling Software for Your SaaS App

Maintain your competitive edge with the best scheduling software.

Best Scheduling software

The best scheduling software is the one that has robust features for your users’ needs. After evaluating your users’ scheduling use cases (round robin, first availability, zoom integrations, etc), which scheduling features have you found are critical to their continued growth? What are the ways in which you can ensure great user experience while effectively managing your resources? 

Here are a few things we at Nylas discovered over the years about building easy-to-use scheduling software that’s purpose-built for your users’ needs.

For information regarding scheduling software specific to your industry, take a look at our blogs here:

Balancing Customization and Turnkey Usability

Feature-rich, Front-end Calendar Widget

In the competitive world of SaaS apps, getting your app up and running as quickly as possible is a priority. At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice quality, security, the flexibility of customization and the capability to scale. The Nylas Scheduler is a highly customizable, front-end scheduler that lets you easily embed a full-featured scheduler into your app without needing third-party scheduling solutions. 

The Schedule Editor component allows organizers to create and edit their own scheduling pages and adjust dozens of details, including custom availability and general look and feel. A pre-built customizable Scheduling Page component makes it simple for attendees to book meetings with organizers. At the same time, the Scheduler ensures your users are experiencing the best scheduling software because it also gives you the flexibility to build a customer user interface around scheduling features rather than using the pre-built schedule editor, so that you can choose whichever best fits your needs.

Text Reminders

One of the simplest but most effective features of the best scheduling software integrated in successful SaaS apps is text reminders. By leveraging appointment reminders, your users can reduce no-show appointments by more than 80%. A recent study shows that reducing clinic no-show rates increases revenue by $1M annually. Nylas’ events endpoint makes omni-channel reminders easy with a single API request. The endpoint (available for public beta on 8/17/21) allows you to seamlessly create events and omni-channel reminders, e.g. SMS for upcoming meetings, making things like automated text reminders a native feature within your app. 

Save Time and Money with Ease of Integration

Searching for third-party solutions for the best scheduling software and finding most can’t scale with your growth or provide world-class security while remaining customizable for your needs can be a frustrating experience. In addition, here are just a few of the challenges in building your own project scheduling software:

  • Calendar Connectivity – Figuring out secure authentication for real-time bi-directional sync for every calendar provider in the world; automatically identifying primary calendars for booking, and incorporating different defaults for each provider.
  • Recurring Events – Complex protocols differ from provider to provider; navigating one- off changes and timezone transitions.
  • Availability Logic – Getting to the bottom of pre-fetching and caching availability of participants to be resilient to downtime and latency spikes and using provider webhooks and event streams to keep caches up-to-date.
  • Time Zone Support – Deducting time zone information given a complex array of data from the provider and normalizing for time zones across hemispheres.
  • Event Reminders – Accounting for the many common vagaries of scheduling; everything from language consistency to making sure the guest is notified if the meeting has been cancelled even if they haven’t already declined.
  • Building Scheduling UI –  Sussing out all the edge cases your users may run into and making sure each workflow is intuitively designed.
  • Race Conditions – Implementing instant synchronization so that users don’t get double booked when two people try to book the same slot simultaneously. At the same time, making sure that the solution doesn’t impact sync speed.

With Nylas, you can connect your application to every calendar provider in the world with one secure, fast API integration, and have peace of mind that you have the best scheduling software—reliable, secure, simple-to-use— within your app. Save time, money, and boost productivity and efficiency by keeping your users in your app for all scheduling needs. Learn how Nylas can help – sign up and try the API for free today, or schedule time to speak to a platform specialist now.

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