Launch powerful scheduling workflows directly within your application.

Bring Scheduling Features to Any Product

From a robust back-end calendar API to flexible front-end UI/UX components, we give you everything you need to bring full-featured scheduling functionality directly to your application. No more building it yourself or relying on third-party scheduling tools.

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The Problem

Scheduling Meetings is a Pain

Simple things like setting up an appointment require way too much back-and-forth and can consume to 15% of your users’ work week.

Availability is Anyone’s Guess

Each calendar that exists outside of an organization is hidden. This lack of visibility leaves everyone in the dark when trying to determine availability.

Building It Yourself is Hard

Building scheduling functionality in-house is a tax on your developers, and relying on third party scheduling tools can easily make for a horrible user experience.

The Solution

Make Scheduling Simple

Launch a full-featured scheduling solution natively in your application with just a few lines of code. Give your users the visibility they need to book meetings with ease.

Eliminate the Back-and-Forth

Use automation to route, notify, and follow up on scheduling requests. Save your users valuable time while ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Give Your Developers Full Control

Define workflows that make sense for your use-case with a highly-modular and configurable scheduling solution.

A Scheduling Solution That Developers Love

Nylas gives developers robust and flexible scheduling features at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Connect to every calendar provider in the world through a single REST API.

Get real-time, bi-directional sync and full calendar CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) capabilities.

Embed front-end scheduling UI elements directly into your application with just a few lines of Javascript.

Manage meeting rooms and resources like rental equipment through Virtual Calendar invites.

Set up recurring events and schedule reminders for attendees.

Show free/busy availability so users always know who and what is available.

Assign meetings to users on a round-robin basis based on their preferences.

Schedule meetings across time-zones and ensure the appropriate local time is on every attendees’ calendar.

Enable users to schedule meetings and resources without having to connect to their personal calendars.

Automatically update calendar invites with status changes. Notify users when recipients accept, modify, or decline events.

Abbas Ali Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

With the Nylas Scheduler, my team saved six weeks of engineering work. We were able to get up and running quickly with robust scheduling features and calendar sync in just a few days.