Automate Workflows In Your Application

Deliver new features that boost your users’ productivity by 20% or more.

Transform Your App Into a Productivity Hub

Nylas helps you automate workflows without having to build it all yourself. Deliver powerful new features with ready-made solutions for automating the tasks that slow your customers down.


Quickly implement robust and flexible workflows that are triggered based on state changes in your application.


Make your product stand out in the market with powerful productivity features that automate routine tasks.


Avoid the headaches of having to maintain buggy, brittle integrations that were built in-house.

We Put the “Flow” Into Your Workflow

Engagement Engine

Automatically conduct customer engagement based on both real-time and historical communication trends. Deliver smart recommendations to users and provide templated workflows that automate tasks like scheduling meetings or responding to customer support tickets.

Automated Communications

Automate the sending of communications from your users to their customers. Leverage real-time text analysis that detects keywords and sentiment to signal and trigger automated workflows like sending notifications and reminders for service appointments.

Ecosystem Integrations

Automatically send information from your software to external tools and applications. Parse data from your users’ messages and route it to business tools to be stored, analyzed, or leveraged to trigger actions.

Launch Features Faster Than Ever

Nylas gives you purpose-built solutions that work off-the-shelf. We remove the complexity of building and maintaining features in-house without sacrificing performance, reliability, security, or scalability.

Unstructured Data Extraction

Process data from unstructured sources like email attachments to feed automation routines.

Workflow Components

Quickly enhance in-app workflows with pre-built components that are easy to use.

Scheduling Automation

Deliver frictionless scheduling experiences directly within your application.

Smart Templates

Automatically send communications based on the context detected in your users’ messages.

Email Automation

Automate email sends to ensure they go out at the optimal time based on historical engagement metrics.