A developer’s guide to Generative AI

We collected data from May through June this year from 1,000 developers, product and engineering leaders, and executives across North America to better understand their usage of Generative AI today and how they harness this revolutionary technology.

Developers guide to genAI

Generative AI is the future, but it comes with a cost

According to survey results, most respondents (66%) believe Generative AI is the future of work. Developers agree this technology will play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of multiple industries and has the potential to transform existing processes, revolutionizing how businesses operate.

GenerativeAI is the future GenerativeAI is the future

of developers believe Generative AI is the future of work.

Placing a strong emphasis on education and training

Given the concern from developers and businesses around Generative AI — from uncertainties around job security to data privacy — we must recognize the significance of education and training to leverage Generative AI effectively.

GenerativeAI GenerativeAI

of developers expressed their desire to see their companies invest more in educating employees on how to prompt and effectively use Generative AI.

Developers want to use AI to help with email

Developers are looking for ways to maximize all they can do with the world’s most popular communication channel.


of developers agreed that of all communication channels, email is the channel where AI could assist developers the most.

One thing is for certain, security and privacy concerns are high

We can’t talk about Generative AI without addressing security and privacy concerns. Most developers (79%) believe significant security and privacy concerns are associated with this technology. There’s a critical need for robust security and privacy measures when implementing and using Generative AI solutions.

GenerativeAI security and privacy

believe significant security and privacy concerns are associated with this technology.

DevGuidetoGenAI DevGuidetoGenAI

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