State of developer experience 2024

Understanding the priorities, tools, and trends that are shaping developer experience today and for years to come.


APIs have a dramatic impact on developers’ work-life balance

Developers who report a good work-life balance are more likely to increase API usage, with 80% noting an increase last year and 81% expecting further increases this year. In contrast, only 43% of developers with a poor work-life balance anticipate increasing their API usage.


Priority mismatch between developers and leaders

Results indicate differences in priorities, such as technology adaptation and user experience, between developers and their leaders. However, both emphasize the need for comprehensive documentation and supportive environments to enhance business outcomes.


Developers advocate for more AI investment

95% of developers want their companies to increase investment in AI, marking a 30% rise from last year. They emphasize the need for intelligent workflows and efficient, innovative development practices.


of developers who say they have a good work-life balance plan to increase their usage of APIs this year.

Nearly ¾ of developers and engineering leaders believe it will take just five months to build an email integration into their application (despite case study data).


of developers would like to see their company invest more heavily in AI for data analytics and parsing, workflow automation, and curating better user and customer experiences.

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