State of developer experience 2023

Understanding the priorities, tools, and trends that are shaping developer experience today and for years to come.


APIs become business critical

APIs have crossed over into mainstream technology. With 98% of developers saying that they view APIs as a key contributor to helping themselves and their team get work done, there is no denying the critical importance that they bring to ensuring developers can move fast without compromising on innovation or ease of use.


of developers said they view APIs as a key contributor to helping themselves and their team get their work done.

APIs continue to rise in importance, usage, and value

As developers and technical teams face more work and tighter deadlines, APIs are increasingly playing a vital role in helping developers to meet modern business demands without overextending themselves or their teams.


of developers expect their use of APIs to increase in the coming year.

The intersection of AI and developer experience starts with workflow automation.

Workflow automation removes friction, streamlines processes, and fosters a better experience for developers, so they in return, can build a better experience for their users.


Developers agree they want to see their companies invest in AI workflow automation and to curate better user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX).

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