Power engaging customer experiences to increase CSAT

Turn your digital customer service application into a hub for agent productivity with embedded email and scheduling.

Create a customer 360 view in your application
Level up your digital customer service app

Quickly and easily build communications features in your app that your customers will pay a premium to use. 

Enable personal, conversational customer support

Connect to your users’ inboxes so they can view and respond to tickets directly within your application.

Powering the world’s top applications
  • Ozonetel
  • Vicodo
  • Dialpad

Deliver standout customer experiences

Centralized connectivity

Connect quickly

Stand up email and calendar integrations quickly and securely.

Streamline your GTM

Streamline support

Build communications capabilities that help agents resolve issues faster.

Fuel intelligence

Maximize engagement

Design experiences that keep users in your application longer.

Experience the Nylas difference

Experience the Nylas difference
Take the pain out of integrating
Take the pain out of integrations

Connect with agents’ inboxes, calendars, and contacts using a single integration.

Accelerate your product roadmap
Accelerate your product roadmap

Give developers everything they need to build and launch new features faster than ever before.

Go to market faster
Go to market faster

Stay ahead of the competition and refocus your resources on building innovative features.

Experience the Nylas difference
Respond to requests faster
Respond to requests faster

Sync, send, and receive customer messages directly in your app to improve response times.

Sentiment analysis
Increase CSAT scores

Centralize interactions from email and scheduling to provide a 360-degree customer view.

Maximize retention

Provide seamless customer communications experiences at scale to retain and expand your accounts.

Seamless customer service communications

Embed email, calendar, and contacts features into your application that allow agents to work faster and smarter.




60% of customers are most frustrated by long service experience wait times.


Streamline issue response times by allowing agents to email and schedule meetings with customers within your app.


Customers cite having to repeat themselves to multiple service reps as a top complaint.


Unify customer communications so that agents can easily understand and prioritize incoming requests.


Building email, calendar, and contacts integrations with individual service providers is complex and time-consuming.


Quickly connect to agents’ inboxes and save thousands of developer hours.

Email parsing

Email API

Easily connect agents’ inboxes with your application to deliver personalized 1:1 support.

Connect to every calendar

Calendar API

Sync calendar data into your application to build custom scheduling capabilities.


Empower users to schedule customer meetings and manage availability with our pre-built UI.

Stand up contacts sync fast

Contacts API

Enrich your application with users’ contact data to connect with customers faster.

Dialpad builds contacts sync In two days with one engineer

“With the Nylas API, I had launchable code for full features in just two days. One of the advantages of integrating with Nylas was how straightforward it was to sync contacts regardless of which version of Exchange our customers use.”

– Stefan Roesch Software Engineer at Dialpad
Calendar API, Contacts API, Email API

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