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Salesloft partners with Nylas to power MS Exchange integration, unlocking new enterprise market

“We have millions of emails sent each week. Nylas frees us up to focus on other roadmap priorities, such as delivering new features to our customers and working with our data science team on exciting new projects.”

– Nora Ignatius Product Manager, Salesloft
CRM, Sales & Marketing
Calendar API, Email API
Funnel increases ARR 150% using Nylas email and calendar APIs
Jobylon increases ARR 25% by adding native email and calendar functionality to their recruiting software
Learn how Nylas helped LionDesk leverage communications data to become the #1 real estate CRM
How Pipedrive added millions in revenue with the Nylas Email API
Wealthbox accelerates time to market with the Nylas Email API
Oliverlist sends 2M+ emails a month and streamlines scheduling with seamless integrations from Nylas

“The reason why we chose Nylas in the first place for an email integration was because it would be way easier for us to use your API than building it ourselves, and we really needed to be able to deliver fast on the product side.”

– Paul Bouché Head of Sales at Oliverlist
CRM, Sales & Marketing
Calendar API, Email API
Nylas partners with Choicely to power the casting process of the world’s largest TV production company
Reev launches calendar and email features 12x faster to improve sales productivity for end users
MySocialPulse saves compliance officers 60% of their time while preventing millions in potential fines
CIENCE Saves 50% of Engineering Team’s Time on Bi-Directional Email Integration

“Working with Nylas has enabled us to move way faster in the way we build products. Everyone I’ve worked with is an expert and it’s put the project on rails in regards to how we interact with email and calendar APIs. This has freed up 50% of our engineering team’s time that was previously spent working on email connectors.”

– Isaac Nassimi Chief Product Officer, CIENCE Technologies
CRM, Sales & Marketing
Email API, Express Security Review
Crunchbase increases sales productivity and bookings by integrating email and actionable contacts data
Nowsite cuts churn by 75% and unlocks revenue with unmatched email deliverability
Dialpad builds contacts sync In two days with one engineer

“With the Nylas API, I had launchable code for full features in just two days. One of the advantages of integrating with Nylas was how straightforward it was to sync contacts regardless of which version of Exchange our customers use.”

– Stefan Roesch Software Engineer at Dialpad
Calendar API, Contacts API, Email API
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