Transform data into valuable customer insights

Leverage 1st-party data to create a personalized e-commerce experience that improves engagement and increases conversions.

Powerful consumer 360 insights

Every customer is unique. Gain insight into the exact preference and purchase behavior of each one to power personalized e-commerce interactions.

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Enhanced privacy

Pull only relevant data from emails using proprietary technology and a multi-step filtering process to maximize security and privacy while optimizing performance and scalability.

Powering the world’s top applications

Ignite e-commerce innovation

Leverage 1st-party data

Unlock post-purchase email data to fuel personalization and increase engagement.

Schedule for in-store and online

Streamline pick-up and delivery scheduling with omnichannel workflows.

Keep your data secure

Maximize security and privacy while optimizing performance and scalability.

Experience the Nylas difference

Power hyper-personalization

Utilize 1st-party B2C post-purchase data from over 90% of all online purchases made by consumers to better understand real-time buying behaviors and trends.

Increase engagement

Improve engagement by 10% MoM and increase transactions by 3x with features that differentiate you from competitors, such as personalized push notifications, price matching & rebates, and universal package tracking.

Accelerate GMV 20%+

Smart-suggest products based on e-commerce purchases across retailers, reducing customer acquisition costs, increasing customer LTV, and accelerating growth up to 20%.

Personalize the shopping experience

Leverage in-depth knowledge of your customers’ buying behaviors to offer personalized e-commerce experiences and recommend items they need and want.

Display multi-carrier tracking

Turn your application into a central hub for checking the status of orders, and tracking package delivery.

Provide a seamless returns experience

Automatically detect when a customer has initiated a return with a merchant through their email communication and improve returns efficiency and errand reduction.

Create personalized user experiences that customers can trust

Leverage the Nylas APIs, Neural Parsers, and real-time ETL capabilities to extract valuable data and make your application a bestseller.



Stricter consumer privacy standards make understanding your customers’ buying behaviors more difficult.

Unlock 1st-party consumer data for buyer insights, improved experiences, and increased customer loyalty.

Shipping platforms aren’t always integrated with shopping applications, making e-commerce purchases less transparent.

Increase engagement and conversion by enabling real-time delivery notifications that keep users coming back to your app.

The fragmented post-purchase phase results in cart abandonment and ultimately drives customers away.

Power your retail media arm and enhance CDP with 1st-party data to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase LTV.

Make your app a top-seller with real-time features

Nylas Streams

Securely stream email data into leading data warehousing and data processing solutions.

Omnichannel scheduling

Allow customers to schedule deliveries, in-store shopping sessions, and more.

Email parsing

Leverage the Neural Parsers to securely parse purchase and shipping information from emails.

Sentiment analysis

Get a quick read on how customers feel, based on keywords and tone in messages.

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