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The Nylas Engineering Blog

A New Search Parser

Improving IMAP Search in Nylas Mail

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Low Level Electron Debugging

Looking under the hood

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A Developer's Guide To Emoji

The story behind emoji in Nylas Mail 💌

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Our new build process for N1: Improving Electron every day

How we decreased N1 download size & improved performance

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Paying back technical debt

How we scaled infrastructure 20x and kept developers sane Read More

PGP and Nylas

Powerful encryption comes to Nylas N1,
the extensible, open source mail app.
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Nylas Pro

Announcing new features
and a premium version of N1.
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Growing up with MySQL

How we scaled our primary datastore
by over 20x in 3 weeks
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Profiling Python in Production

How We Reduced CPU Usage by 80% through Python Profiling Read More

The deceptively complex world of RRULEs

How to work with repeating calendar events,
from RFC-5545 and beyond
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Building Plugins for React Apps

Techniques for modular, robust & flexible JavaScript plugins Read More

How We Deploy Python Code

Building, packaging & deploying Python
using versioned artifacts in Debian packages
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Splitting the Atom

At first glance, Atom is just another popular text editor. But under the surface, it's much more Read More

Graduating Past Playbooks

How to Use Ansible When Your Infrastructure Grows Up Read More

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