Build with Nylas: Hacktoberfest 2022

Learn how to build with Nylas and participate in Hacktoberfest 2022. Build code samples and share with other developers!

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It’s that time of year again! Tis the season to be contributing code. Hacktoberfest 2022 is upon us. Nylas is excited to be participating in Hacktoberfest 2022!

We welcome contributions from developers to share code samples of building with Nylas. This is a fun and easy way to complete Hacktoberfest. If you have considered using Nylas or building communication features (integrating with calendar, contacts, and email), now’s a great time to explore Nylas. Check out our video that walks you through how to participate in Hacktoberfest.

This post covers how to participate in Hacktoberfest and how to contribute to Nylas’ code samples.

Hacktoberfest tl;dr

  • A month-long worldwide event held in October every year (October 1st to 31st)
  • Hacktoberfest registration opens on September 26th (already open!)
  • Drop by to register and learn more!
  • Completion of Hacktoberfest requires participants to have 4 changes to any code space accepted during the event, and you can keep track of progress via your Hacktoberfest profile:
  • The first 40,000 participants can receive either a tree planted in their name or the Official Hacktoberfest 2022 t-shirt (this can be you!)

Contributing to Nylas’ Code Samples

Developers can contribute code samples using the Nylas API. This is a great chance to try out Nylas, build out code samples, and share with other developers.

All details can be found on the nylas-hacktoberfest-2022 repository. Let’s go over the steps to complete a code sample:

  1. Take a look at the available issues and start a dialogue with the maintainer to have a specific issue assigned to yourself
    • ???? We welcome new issues if you have a different language or code sample in mind
    • ⚠️ Note: We will follow Hacktoberfest participation guidelines, so no spammy PRs
  2. Sign up for Nylas to receive your Nylas credentials
  3. Connect a user account to receive an access token using the Nylas dashboard (view image below)
  4. Using any language of your choice or one of the Nylas SDK, complete an API call
  5. Share your work with other developers by creating a pull request (PR)
  6. Respond to any PR feedback from the maintainer
Creating a connected account

Contributing to Nylas should be fun and simple. We want to you learn how to build with Nylas and participate in Hacktoberfest.

This section covered the steps to contribute sample code to Nylas.

Nylas is here to support you!

The Developer Advocates at Nylas are excited to see your ideas and support you through your Hacktoberfest journey.

We’ll support you by reviewing your code changes and learning about new ideas for code samples. Drop a message in one of the open issues or start a new one.

Let’s work together to build the Nylas’ community!

Build with Nylas

Here are some other places to explore and learn more as you build with Nylas:

Build Time!

Sign up here if you need to create a Nylas account for free! Continue building with Nylas and learn how to participate in Hacktoberfest by heading over to the Nylas Samples repository.

Don’t miss the action, watch our LiveStream Coding with Nylas:

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