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Why email + ChatGPT is a game-changer for you

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Let’s take a moment to travel back in time. Picture yourself sitting at your desk, drowning in an ocean of emails. Each day, you tirelessly sift through countless messages, desperately trying to keep up with the never-ending influx of information. Sound familiar?

Nylas has embarked on a mission to transform your email experience and bring a touch of magic into your daily routine. Introducing Email by Nylas, the innovative ChatGPT plugin about to become your ultimate productivity ally.

What is Email by Nylas?

Nylas has developed a plugin powered by GPT-4 that seamlessly integrates your email accounts with ChatGPT. It allows you to read and draft emails using natural language to make your experience more efficient and accomplish more in less time. The process involves installing the plugin, authenticating email accounts, and utilizing Nylas plugin within ChatGPT. 

What can you do with Email by Nylas

It simplifies your email management using ChatGPT natural language to streamline your workflow and boost productivity — all within your ChatGPT environment. Check the below video to see some of the use cases in action:

Email by Nylas – A ChatGPT plugin

Additionally, take a look at this step-by-step tutorial on checking emails using the Email by Nylas plugin from our developer advocates:

Nylas’ developer advocates check emails using Email by Nylas

Email by Nylas use cases: 

  • Retrieve and summarize emails: Save time and avoid missing important details by asking Email by Nylas to summarize email discussions or extract specific information from lengthy threads. 
  • Craft thoughtful replies: Email by Nylas analyzes email content and suggests thoughtful responses, allowing you to stay on top of your communication game effortlessly.
  • Efficient search and organization: Are you tired of digging through your inbox for that one email with vital information? Email by Nylas can search for all emails containing specific keywords and provide you with a list of subject lines, making it easier to find what you need. 

Other use cases to improve efficiency with Email by Nylas:

  • Find crucial information within a thread of emails
  • Get the latest email from a specific sender and craft a reply based on its content
  • Identify the main topics and needs of an email
  • Summarize the main discussion points in an email with a particular subject
  • Search for all emails containing specific keywords and list their subject lines
  • Retrieve emails sent between <date-range> from folder <folder-name>
  • Get the subject lines and senders of all unread emails from the past 24 hours
  • Find all starred emails from the last month and provide a brief summary

“Sometimes, I get added to long, complex email threads, which can be a pain to make sense of and even more difficult to draft a reply to. The Email by Nylas plugin makes it easy to summarize long-winded threads and quickly generate a reply, saving me tons of time! It also lets me intelligently ‘talk’ to my email client so I can be updated on what’s most important to me. It’s definitely the start of a game-changing technology to interact with our emails in the future.”

Saif Khan, Product Manager, Nylas 

How does Email by Nylas work?

Any user with a ChatGPT Plus subscription can easily find and install Email by Nylas from the ChatGPT plugin store. By connecting their email accounts through OAuth, users unleash the full potential of the plugin.

A few items to note:

  • Email by Nylas is not covered through Nylas support.
  • Email by Nylas can be used by anyone, you do not have to be a Nylas customer.
  • Nylas customers can build their own ChatGPT plugin, taking advantage of Nylas APIs and their applications’ integration.

Privacy and security you can trust

We understand that privacy and security are of utmost importance regarding your personal information. Email by Nylas follows the Privacy Policy of OpenAI, ensuring your data is handled responsibly and securely.

How do I access Email by Nylas?

  • Login to your Open AI account and select ChatGPT
    • NOTE: You must have a Plus subscription to get access to plugins
  • Click on GPT-4
  • Scroll down to the plugins store section
  • Find Email by Nylas and install it
  • Accept the authentication process with your email account
  • Select the Email by Nylas plugin from selected from the list of plugins (a maximum of 3 plugins can be used simultaneously)
  • Start a new chat using GPT-4  

In conclusion, whether you’re a busy professional juggling multiple projects, an entrepreneur aiming to maximize productivity, or someone looking for a better way to manage their inbox, Email by Nylas transforms your email workflow. We believe that by combining the power of ChatGPT’s natural language understanding with the versatility of email communication, we can unleash a new era of efficiency and effectiveness.

Ready to experience the future of email management?

Login to ChatGPT and unlock a new level of productivity today. If you’re already a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, finding and installing Email by Nylas is just a few clicks away. 

Get ready to witness the future of email management.

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