Capture all customer email activity in Salesforce to drive GTM alignment

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    Your revenue team expects Salesforce to operate as a “single source of truth” for customer engagement, yet most of what you know (and don’t know) about your customers lives inside your reps’ email inboxes. Are you aware that you’re missing the full picture?

    At Nylas, we work with thousands of software companies to unlock a goldmine of insight inside user email, calendar, and contact data. Today, we’re excited to unveil Nylas Email for Salesforce, a simple package designed for revenue teams to capture emails between your company and your customers inside Salesforce. 

    With this package, Salesforce administrators can quickly deploy a unified view of ALL customer-facing email conversations in any account, contact, lead, or opportunity record with zero end-user behavior change. Now, your revenue team can access comprehensive customer data at a glance to better align on deal strategy, effectively engage new and existing opportunities, and ultimately close more business. 

    In this blog, we’ll share how Nylas Email for Salesforce can unlock complete customer context for your go-to-market teams, improving deal outcomes and increasing transparency. 

    Register: Don’t miss our live session on June 13th, where we’ll explore how you can turn email insight into GTM alignment with Nylas’ Salesforce experts

    Get the full picture (without adding Salesforce seats) 

    Email is the go-to channel that modern businesses use to communicate with their customers. It contains critical context not found in your CRM, including conversations around renewals, support tickets, product feedback, and more. 

    Many of these conversations happen in silos. How can your account manager prepare for an upsell if they don’t know about the issues your customer support associates recently resolved? How can your implementation experts get up to speed on a new customer if they didn’t attend a discovery call? And how can sales reps effectively revive old opportunities without a historical record of previous conversations?      

    With Nylas’ Salesforce package, you can sync email data from all customer-facing teams, including messages sent by Salesforce and non-Salesforce users, ensuring you get the full picture. Our package lets you view, filter, and search email threads by subject line or recipient directly inside accounts.  

    You can choose to sync email as tasks or inside Nylas Email custom objects (or both) to design a solution that aligns with your organization’s best practices. And unlike Salesforce’s out-of-the-box alternatives, you can run standard reporting on email data and retain it for as long or as short as you need. 

    Sync email automatically with zero behavior change

    Say goodbye to manual email logging. As a stopgap to track customer conversations, many sales leaders require reps to bcc Salesforce or other email capture solutions in every email they send to customers—even threads they don’t need to be on. Not only is this tedious, but it also introduces user error that affects the quality and quantity of your Salesforce data. 

    Maggie Ryan, Mid-Market Sales Manager, says “I shouldn’t have to be CC’ed to every email my reps send to customers to forecast effectively. With Nylas Email for Salesforce, I’m finally getting true transparency into deal status inside Salesforce. I can easily get a birds-eye view of rep engagement with accounts.”

    Thanks to Nylas’ bulk authentication capabilities, Salesforce administrators can authenticate email accounts on behalf of their users. Choose between individual user authentication or connect all customer-facing teams instantly (including non-Salesforce users) to maximize email coverage.

    The bulk authentication portal in the Nylas-Salesforce unified inbox

    Don’t introduce another process or technology into your teams’ workflows. Nylas Email for Salesforce gives you instant, automated access to data from any email service provider. 

    Deploy in less than an hour and at a fraction of the cost

    Our email experts have built an unmanaged package that Salesforce admins can use to deploy a solution to meet their unique requirements with limited technical resources. You can complete the initial setup process in under an hour. At just $7.99 per user, per month, our Salesforce package comes in at less than half the cost of third-party alternatives. 

    Learn more: preview our setup guide on our Nylas documentation portal

    Our team is committed to building additional improvements to make the most of your email data and automate common Salesforce workflows, including automatically adding contacts in Salesforce from email signatures. Connectivity is just the beginning: this solution unlocks Generative AI-driven email capabilities to improve data hygiene and power automated workflows, including competitive mentions, next steps, and key dates. 

    Want to try it yourself? 

    To celebrate the launch of Nylas Email for Salesforce, we’re offering the first 30 days free for all customers to see the value of a single pane of glass view in Salesforce. 

    If you’d like to get in touch to schedule a demo or get started with Nylas, sign up here. Current Nylas customers can reach out to their customer success manager or request access using the link above.

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